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Hangover Cure ?

hangover cure
Is Revival a hangover cure drink? Since our inception we have developed an almost cult like following among those in the pursuit of either prevention or treatment. We frequently find our products listed on blogs titled "best hangover cures" and "how to cure a hangover”. Whilst a "cure" may not exist there are things you can do to relieve your symptoms, accelerate recovery and preventative measures you can take to hopefully avoid getting one. 
how to cure a hangover

Your Best Day, Everyday.

Revival is a supplement brand with a passion for enabling our customers to live their best lives! We produce a range of revitalising, rehydrating and reviving electrolyte powders. 


Revival rehydration and recovery powder


Our formula is backed by science, has been developed by doctors and is based on a World Health Organisation formula for hydration. Our rehydration powders are also packed with essential vitamins and our precise blend ensures optimal absorption with superior results.

What is a hangover?

woman with a hangover

In simple terms it is the result of drinking too much, and the severity can be positively correlated to the amount you drink. The more you drink, the worse you feel! Symptoms (amongst others) include:

- Nausea

- Head aches

- Feeling sick

- Lethargic

- Increased sensitivity to light

- Dizzyness

The why, is also pretty simple. Alcohol is diuretic, meaning it dehydrates you. So the more you drink the more dehydrated you get and the worse you are likely to feel the next day. This is why some people often drink water before bed, after they have been drinking, in the hope that it may provide some much needed rehydration.

hangover prevention electrolyte powder

Are the rumours true?

Well, given the severity is typically based on your level of dehydration and that Revival is a rapid action rehydration drink we can certainly see where the theory has come from.

We conducted controlled testing on our own products against a placebo (plain water) for "dehydrated" individuals and measured across 8 points. The results from our internal study can be seen below.

Revival hangover cure drink


Revival rapid action rehydration powders have been designed to help your live your best life and are engineered to support those with an active lifestyle. If you are looking to increase productivity, accelerate recovery and say good bye to groggy morning we may just have the solution you are looking for.

We are so confident you will love Revival that for a limited time we are offering a full refund if for any reason you are not satisfied. No questions asked!

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Our formula is backed by science and developed by doctors to make sure you have your best day, everyday.

What our customers are saying?

lady waking up happy

"No more groggy mornings! Between a demanding job in the city and very active social life I get very little down time, plus it is important for me to be at my best every day. Revival lets me do this, just remember to take before you sleep."

Olivia Blake 


"If you struggle after a big night then this is the product for you. My partner and I both swear by these, the saying "prevention is better then a cure" is definitely applicable here, so do remember to take at night. I have only tried cherry and watermelon but both tasted great"

Chloe Fuller


"Revival has become part of my night time routine - taste is great, easy to mix and it really does work"

Josh Matthews


"Now that I am the wrong side of thirty I am finding more and more that late nights and early mornings are just not something that I can do! Revival is my go to, after a big day or night. I manage a young team at work and this is my secret weapon that allows me to keep up with the twenty year olds!"

Amanda Wilson

The magical secret...

The only real form of prevention is... to not drink in the first place :) No Really, that is the only way. Of course there are measures you can. From a scientific standpoint these are centred around hydration. So the most effective way is to consume foods and drinks which help the body to stay hydrated, similarly by avoiding other diuretics that contribute to dehydration such as caffeine. Later on in this page we go on the explore the various other unsupported methods of treatment but from a strictly scientific perspective the answer lies within hydration.

5 benefits of revival

Did you know? A recent study conducted by Dr Sally Adams from the University of Bath found that hangovers cost the UK economy £1.4 billion pounds each year in lost productivity!

How to take Revival

Simply tear open the sachet, mix contents with 500ml of cold water and enjoy!

how to use revival hangover cure

What to do if you are reading this and looking for a quick fix?

Im guessing many of you would have landed on this page having woken up feeling not so great and are now looking for a quick and instant fix. Whilst such a solution does not exist you could try to consuming some food and drinks that are high in electrolytes to help accelerate your rehydration and subsequently your recovery. Foods that fall within this category include bananas, avocados & watermelons and drinks include coconut water and milk!

Top Tip: To avoid ending up in the same situation again try stocking up on some electrolyte drinks or hydration supplements and try taking before you go to bed in the future.

What about taking paracetamol?

pills tablets paracetamols for hangover cure

Paracetamol is used all over the world as a pain killer, and if you are reading this is it quite likely that you are currently (or have at some point in the past) feeling some sort of a pain as a consequence of over indulgence. In theory paracetamols sound like the perfect antidote. However it is a bit of a question of balance between short term relief and long term recovery. I shall explain, whilst such pain killers will more than likely help to relieve some of the symptoms in the short term it may in fact prolong recovery time. The reason for this is because paracetamol is metabolised by the liver, which is likely to have taken a pounding dealing with all the excess alcohol. So whilst it may provide some immediate relief it may in-fact be counter productive and delay the time it takes to return to normal. This "solution" should therefore be treated with caution and may, on balance, be one to avoid if possible!

Can vitamins help?

Vitamins are essential for the normal function of our bodies and a heavy night certainly goes some way to depleting them. Any restoration of levels should in theory make you feel better irrespective of alcohol consumption. But to say they will cure you might be a stretch. Unfortunately, there just is not enough hard evidence in existence for such a bold claim to be made. The theory however is that the B vitamins as well as vitamins C and E may help.

Vitamin(s) B

- B1 is used the breakdown of food and the subsequent synthesis of energy. A recent study conducted by the American journal of emergency medicine found that levels of this particular vitamin are lowered after alcohol consumption.

- B3 is used to break down nutrients from food and drink. It may also be used intensively to break down alcohol thus leading to lower levels after drinking.

- B6 is important for the normal function of the brain, nervous and immune systems.

Vitamin C

- C is used to support the immune system, and normal function of cells, growth and development. It is also a great antioxidant. In drinking folk law it has become quite a popular vitamins with those looking for hangover cures. However there is not much out there in the form of hard evidence to support this claim.

Vitamin E

- E is used primarily as an antioxidant to clear free radicals. Alcohol is known to increase the production of free radicals so it is likely that levels could be depleted post consumption.

The jury is very much still out as to the true "curing" abilities of vitamins and without further studies and trials it would be hard to make definitive claims. That being said levels are depleted after drinking and vitamins are in general good (provided taken within moderation) so why not keep topped up!

Did you know? Revival is packed full of electrolytes and vitamins C, B1, B3, B5 & B12

Will an IV help?

An intravenous drip is a process by which fluids are delivered via needle directly into the blood stream. In terms of rehydration there really is nothing better you could do and nothing will be quite as effective as this method. It skips absorption and assimilation and delivers fluids directly into the blood. It really is the most effective way to do this and it is why often it is used in hospitals to treat chronic dehydration. In recent years the use has moved in to the recreational market and the popularity of such treatments has been growing.

However, there are a few things that you should be aware of with such a treatment. Firstly is the cost each session can range from anywhere between £100-400. Secondly is the inconvenience, given what is involved such treatments can only be administered by a register nurse and often you will need to go to a clinic and sit there for there for the full duration (which make take up to an hour!). Finally, there is a pain element, a needle that is big enough to handle significant flow must be placed into your veins!

This may very well be the best hangover cure, however on balance, and for most people this will not a feasible option.

Rehydration Sachets Hangover

Whilst an IV may not be a practical option, taking a rehydration sachet for your hangover just might be the answer. In essence such products should provide most of the benefits but for a fraction of the cost, and without the pain.

Top Tip: Make sure you pick one with high electrolyte content and consider taking it the night before, as if you wake up dehydrated it may already be too late!

Does your choice of drink make a difference?

does what you drink impact your hangovers

The volume of alcohol has a definite correlation to the "level" of hangover. But what about the choice of drink. Whilst on first glance is may seem a level playing field there may be more to it than just pure volume and the answer may lie within congeners.

Firstly, congeners are substances that are produced during the fermentation process and are responsible for giving a particular alcoholic drink its distinct taste and smell. When we analyse alcohol we typically find higher levels of congeners present in darker drinks such as red wine, whiskey and dark rums. Congeners are broken down into toxins by the body and must be processed by the liver, the additional strain on this organ plus the additional toxins may cause a worse and longer hangover. So next time you are out it might be worth trying to shift to the lighter stuff! (colour and content!)

How long does a hangover last?

A hangover will typically last at long as is takes your body to breaks down the alcohol. As such there are a number of factors that will impact duration, primarily the volume of alcohol that you consumed. In most cases the more you drink the longer it may last! Of course external factors such as gender, weight and metabolic speed are also likely to have an effect. In most cases they should be over within 12-24 hours however in some extreme cases they may take up to 72 hours to shift!

How to cure a hangover fast?

Time is most certainly the best healer but here are the top 4 things we would recommend to help relieve short term symptoms and may also help to accelerate recovery

1. Rehydrate - drink a rehydration drink, ideally one with high electrolyte content

2. Top up vitamins - Try to take on some vitamin C if possible

3. Eat something - Ideally a mean that is high in protein

4. Have a nap - Sleep helps the body to recover

Did you know: In Estonia after a boozy night people will often soak their socks in vodka the next day in the hope that it helps to draw out toxins

What makes Revival different?

Our formula has been created by doctors and is based on a world health organisation formula for rehydration. The precise nature of of formulation is scientifically proven to provide superior levels of hydration. Our focus on quality has led to us becoming the UK's most reviewed electrolyte power packs. Whilst electrolytes in general are not new the way that Revival works certain is. Our water soluble powders allow for up to 92% absorption and contain 3 x the electrolytes of traditional rehydration drinks.

If you are planning on using Revival for recovery purposes, we recommend taking 1 stick before bed and 1 immediately after you wake up for best results.

benefits of revival

Did you know? 3 out of 4 people in the western world are dehydrated without even knowing it

A word of caution...

There are a number of products and resources on the net that make numerous claims on this exact topic and it is not hard to find a number of "10 best ways to cure a hangover" type articles. However, from what we have seen much of what has been published has been done so without scientific evidence or thorough testing.

Additionally, if you find that you are hungover more often than not and if it is starting to have a negative impact it may be worth considering reducing your alcohol intake. For further information and help regarding this we would recommend having a look at, for tips, advice and support. Remember, we are all different and it is important to know your own limits and above all else when consuming alcohol stay safe and drink responsibly. 

Revival is designed to support a balanced diet and is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any medial conditions or illness.

Common Myths hangover myths

1. Hair of the dog

Some people believe that the best way to overcome a hangover is to start drinking again. Clearly this is not a sensible nor viable solution. Whilst drinking more may once again lead to intoxication this will only temporarily mask the way you are feeling. In fact the additional alcohol is likely to dehydrate your further and ultimately make you feel much worse

2. Making yourself throw up

Some people believe that throwing up or forcing your self to do so can help. However this again not true and is in fact counterproductive. The act in its self if likely to dehydrate you further thus making you feel worse and prolonging the recovery time.

3. Drinking lots of water

In theory drinking plenty of water should help however water by its self is not actually that effective once you are severely dehydrated. Typically over consumption of water leads to far lower levels of absorption by the body which ultimately means a lot of the liquid passes straight through you rather than into the blood stream. (this is where electrolyte drinks come in, they help the body to absorb more of the water!)

4. You can sweat it out

Whilst many believe that you can simple "sweat it out" through exercise or in a sauna, this may in fact be the most detrimental thing you can try to do. As we have already stated it is all about rehydrating, and this method will in fact lead you to becoming more dehydrated thus potentially making you feel worse and it may even prolong recovery time! 

5. Having a fry up

The process of consuming alcohol and the subsequent process of your body breaking down the toxins results in a depletion of vitamins. It is therefore beneficial to try to restore these. From a nutritional stand point there is not much in a fry up that will help. A better option may would be to take on vitamin rich foods such as fruits.

What are electrolytes and what do they do?

Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electrical charge and are essential for the normal function of the body. They are needed to:

- Regulate PH of the blood

- Enable muscle contractions

- Help in the synthesis of new tissue

- Transmit never signals

- Maintain fluid levels in blood and plasma

We often hear them referenced with respect to dehydration and for good reason. When we drink fluids we get hydrated by the rate of absorption into the blood stream, which in drinks such as water can be low. Electrolytes are absorbed as a higher rate and also act are carrier molecules that binds with water.

Electrolyte imbalance can occur through an excess loss of fluids. Such as urine, sweat or throwing up.

What about super supplements?

In recent years more and more such supplements have been emerging which are believed to help in the recovery process. 

1. DHM 

Also known as dihydromyricetin, traditionally used in Japanese and Chinese recipes to treat illness and infection. However, in the western world it is more commonly used as a hangover cure supplement. Whilst there is not hard evidence to support the claim, it is believed that its anti-inflammatory properties may be helpful.

2. Prickly Pear

A cactus species which is native to the Americas which also boast anti-inflammatory properties is now being used to help ease symptoms. Again it is important to note that none of the claims have been substantiated or backed up by any significant science.  

Knowing Your Units

It is recommended to drink 14 units or less per week across a minimum of 3 days. Which is roughly 6 medium glasses of wine or 6 pints of regular strength beer. 

Different drinks contain different units of alcohol. 

Check out our guide below to see how many are in your drink!

  • Shot 25ml  (40%) = 1 Unit
  • Bottle beer / cider (5%) = 1.7 Units
  • Glass wine 175ml (12%) = 2.1 Units
  • Can beer / cider (4.5%) = 2.6 Units
  • Glass wine 250ml (12%) = 3 Units

Further information on units can be found on the Alcohol Change website, including tips on how to help you keep track and cut down. 

Revival Be The Change

Revival be the change

One of our core brand missions statements is to "Be The Change". The drinks industry is a heavy consumer of plastics and emitter of carbon. Our brand has been designed to create a positive change and set a new benchmark for other market participants.

Our boxes are 100% glue free self-locking cardboard and our sticks use 99% less plastic when compared to the equivalent bottles. We are hoping to transition to a fully plastic free business in the coming months.

Revival One for One

Finally, as we have you hear we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the Revival one for one initiative. We are committed to social responsibility and we proudly match every single purchase of with a donation to someone in need. Due to the pandemic much of our donations have been re-routed to local causes, we have affiliations with a number of hospitals and have donated thousands of sticks to our hero's in healthcare. We are actively working on plans to expand this programme internationally and distribute in areas of the world where dehydration can cause sever health concerns.

Your support and custom allows us to continue in our mission and support those in need.

Thank you

Team Revival

Be sure to give us a follow on instagram to keep up to date with all the latest news and availability. If you have any questions about Revival please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our contact pages.

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