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One for One Campaign

The Revival One for One Campaign

Revival is based on a World Health Organisation formula for hydration. This ground-breaking formula has been used for years in the developing world, in areas where there is a lack of water and areas experiencing humanitarian or natural crises to save lives.

We have improved the formula in terms of taste, effectiveness and added essential vitamins. We have helped thousands of people in UK with their hydration and recovery needs. 

We are now planning to help even more by donating sticks to areas where people have limited access to clean water.

Every purchase of Revival globally will equal one serving donated to someone in need (domestically and abroad)

  • Oral Rehydration Solution ranked 5th in items needed in disaster zones
  • 660 million people globally do not have access to clean water
  • Every year there are two billion cases of diarrhoeal disease worldwide, which kills approximately 1.5 million children

Source: World Health Organisation / PAHO


From our CEO

“Revival will have the greatest impact in areas where water is particularly scarce. There is a multiplier effect, the electrolytes allow you to absorb more water into your blood stream, one glass of Revival can provide the same hydration as up to 3 glasses of water”

“When I launched Revival, it was all about recovery and curing hangovers, its only now, 3 years later I am beginning to see the true potential of this product”

“Previously I set up a charity helping the homeless in 2017. Although this is the most ambitious endeavour of its kind that I have ever undertaken, I am confident that it will be a success and will have a significant impact globally”

Daniel Elahi