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Our Story

Our brand strap line is “Live Your Best Life”. This simple yet powerful statement encapsulates everything our products are designed to do.

Revival is a multi-functional electrolyte rehydration powder with added vitamins. Our hydration powders are designed to revolutionise the drinks industry and provide our customers with functionality and results beyond anything currently on the market. 

Why we created Revival?
We were shocked to learn that 75% of the western world is dehydrated without even knowing it. Being dehydrated by just 1% can negatively impact your mood, memory, co-ordination and physical performance. It is also a major factor in feeling groggy or fuzzy in the morning. It's staggering to think of the amount of potential being lost due to people not being hydrated. 

We set out to create a product that would outperform the market, a rapid action formula that could improve both physical and mental performance, elevate mood, boost concentration, cure morning fog, accelerate recovery and ultimately allow our customers to live their best lives!

How we created Revival?
Revival has been based on a World Health Organisation (WHO) formula for hydration. With this as a starting point, we enlisted the help of leading doctors and scientists and set out on a mission to enhance, improve and modernise in every way possible. After years of testing and development the Revival formulation was created, surpassing all of our expectations. We had developed a formula with 3 x electrolytes of traditional sports drinks and 5 essential multi-vitamins which was also plant based and GMO free. In additional not only did we not compromise on taste we were able to introduce premium flavours into our formulation. We were also able to improve shelf life, storage and presentation. Not only was the end results a product that was better in every measurable way but it was also more sustainable and better for the environment. 

Who are our drinks for?
Revival powders are dynamic by design and as such we are able to service many areas of the market. We have gained accreditation and support from elite level athletes who use Revival to help them perform at their best and also to accelerate recovery. Consumption within the working population is also a large sector for us, with many people looking to replace coffee and energy drinks with a natural healthy alternative, we have also been dubbed a “work supplement” with customers taking our products to help concentration and focus.  Our powders are also loved by travel enthusiasts and also those with a particularly active lifestyle who are looking to eliminate groggy mornings. 

Where are we based?
Our brand was founded in London, UK and to this day that remains where our head quarters are located. All of our products are also proudly manufactured in the UK in our BRC certified facility. 

Good for you, good for the planet 
Revival is more than just a leap forward in functionality, we aim to create a new standard within our industry. The drinks market is a heavy consumer of plastics and also a large contributors to carbon emissions. We decided not to follow this trend and instead make our own path.

Our boxes are made from glue-free, self locking cardboard and are 100% recyclable. Our sticks contain 99% less plastic and their storage & transportation leads to 99% less carbon emissions when compared to the equivalent bottled drinks. Revival sets a new standard and creates a new benchmark within the drinks industry.

One for One 
Finally, thanks to the amazing feedback and through constant testing we are beginning to see realise the full potential of our products and the impact they have not only on individuals but on societies. That is why we launched the Revival one for one programme, whereby we pledge to match every single purchase with a donation to someone in need. During the past year much of our donations have been routed to the hero’s working in health care. However in the future we have ambitious plans to distribute Revival in areas of the world where dehydration is most prevalent and can lead to serious health issues. By taking Revival to such areas we can ensure maximum impact with this programme.