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How it works

We designed Revival Shots to support those who live have an active lifestyle. Our products will allow you to unlock your full potential and massively reduce recovery time. 

Our sticks are packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. As such the the formula is absorbed into the blood stream far quicker, more efficiently and at a better rate then all the other alternatives.


1. Work

We have seen a significant rise in use among the working population, those who are working hard and require a boost throughout the day or to kick start their morning. Many of the people in this sector are using us as a coffee replacement, we re hydrate and re-energize, so its the perfect drink at any time of the day.

2. Play

Revival Shots are especially effective when taken during or after sport. All gym enthusiasts and athletes understand the importance of hydration and how maintaining at the optimum level ensures peak performance. So it is one of the best things to consume during exercise. We see frequent use by sports teams at half time. 

3. Party

Calling all party people, be it festivals, holidays, or just big nights out this is the ultimate product for you. The last word in prevention, cure and recovery. It is in this sector where the brand originated and still be far the largest sector of our market share. By taking before you go to sleep you will ensure that the adventures of the night will not effect your next morning or day. Not more waking up with the "shakes", feeling dizzy, ill or sick. Forget the 10 best cures,we are number 1

Team Revival Shots