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Collection: Kids Multi-Vitamin Squash

Revival Kids, is the planets first daily multivitamin drink for children.

The children drink market is full of sugar filled, artificial, unhealthy products. Similarly the children vitamins market contains vitamins gummies and chewable tablets that are also full of sugar. 

A recent study found that 9/10 adults would rather give their child vitamins in food or drink format rather than giving them tablets or pills. 

Another key benefit with having vitamins in drink format is the increase absorption rate which can be up to 95%, which is up to 3 times higher than the equivalent tablets which typically have around a 30% absorption rate. 

This range has been developed to provide a a healthy alternative. A single drink that provides children with all the benefits of a multivitamins supplement in a natural drink based format. 
Each serving provides 12 essential vitamins and minerals. Including vitamin D which helps to support immunity, vitamin K for the maintenance of normal bones and Iodine which contributes to growth in children. 

Our daily vitamin squash drink is suitable for children of 4+ years and is available in our signature orange & pineapple flavour
Simple mix the sachet contents with 250ml of water to make our no added sugar children's vitamin drink :)
  • Kids Multi Vitamin Squash
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