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What do are customers think?

What Do Customers Think?

If you look up online, you will come across different types of Rehydration powders or supplements. It might get tricky choosing the right kind that will suit your needs. Revival rapid rehydration and recovery is an electrolyte drink mix that you can take with you on the go. Let’s see what the customers have to say about Revival Rehydration and Recovery.

Food poisoning recovery

One review praised Revival for helping him get through his food poisoning recovery. If you do not know already, diarrhea and vomiting lead to severe dehydration. Thus, finding a way to rapidly rehydrate your body is the key.

Curing hangovers

Bianca, from the United Kingdom, claimed that Revival miraculously helped her get through her hangovers. She’s particularly fond of the orange burst flavor. She takes one drink before bed and upon waking up.


“I can’t deny that I still like parties. I can’t deny that sometimes I enjoyed tonight so much the next day I feel not at my best. We all know that hangover is mainly due to poor hydration, so after reading the reviews, I decide to buy these products and give it a try...Im not a customer for life!

Doesn’t rely on a sugar kick

Collin, a diabetic from the United Kingdom, praises Revival Shots for providing a genuine energy boost that is not based on sugar. Commonly, energy drinks put high amounts of glucose in their supplement to give a boost of energy. However, Revival mainly relies on a unique blend of electrolytes and vitamins to give energy.

A good training buddy

Customers are also relying on Revival to help them during their training and other physical activity sessions. Revival has three times the usual amount of electrolytes found in similar supplements. It’s even infused with Vitamin C and B vitamins to help during physically intense training sessions.


“I use around 10 of these lashes on a 24-mile hike around the Brecon be guns, together with water and never suffer from tiredness from the hydration. My muscles never ache when finishing or the day after. Hydration is vital for long endurance hikes. This product is very good.” Verified Purchase from an Amazon Customer

Travel saver

Many customers are also turning to Revival to drink during their travels. We all know how going on flights can be a dehydrating experience because of the dry air.


“I was struggling with headaches and feeling tired, I think it’s too much screen time at home since Covid. Took this thing and it worked, also took it to holiday in Rome and run about a lot on holidays trying to do all I can before I leave which normally makes me tired but this powder helped me to stay energized. Love it!” - Verified Purchase from an Amazon Customer



More and more athletes, professionals, and regular individuals are discovering the benefits of Revival Rehydration and Recovery to improve their energy. With this supplement, you get to live your best life.