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Top 7 Hangover prevention techniques that totally work!

On the internet, you will find many different tips regarding hangover prevention, some being true and some being false! Hangovers are already a bunch of unpleasant symptoms, and doing the wrong treatment might worsen it. While you’re having one, you cannot even search for ‘how to cure a hangover’ as the symptoms are just too severe. For that very reason, in this article, we will be discussing ways to avoid these problems without losing the joy of a few drinks! Let’s get started!


Hangover prevention tips


  1. Opt for drinks that use fewer congeners. Congeners are a group of chemicals that add flavor and aroma to your alcoholic beverage. These are, however, toxic and can be harmful to your health if you intake large amounts of these. That being said, wines with too many congeners make you more susceptible to getting intense headaches frequently and profusely.


  1. Take loads of water. Alcohol itself dehydrates your body by letting you lose hydration in excessive amounts. To prevent that from happening, have a glass of water or fruit juice and soft drinks if you don’t like that tasteless fluid. It is not true that dehydration causes complications after alcohol consumption however, it does have its own symptoms, which, combined with the others, can really make you have a bad day!


  1. The mere act of taking a good night’s rest is underestimated by most of us. Indeed, sleeping enough is a great hangover prevention as it will help your body heal and absorb all your tiredness and fatigue. Within a few hours, you will be good as new!


  1. Have a feast the following day! Yes, an oatmeal breakfast with eggs and bacon served can give your body the boost it needs. The symptoms are often caused due to low sugar concentrations in blood so try to eat something sweet such as smoothies or cakes. These may help you get over that ruddy headache.


  1. Chew wheat crackers between drinks. To prevent blood sugar levels dropping at the first instance, try intaking light glucose providers between each glass. These crackers will give you some energy that will keep you from feeling feeble and weary. Also, your intestine will not directly absorb alcohol, so you can expect to stay free from feeling clumsy.


  1. Hydrate yourself during drinking. Keep a glass of water next to your whiskey bottle, and sip from it now and then. You do not want to be dehydrated before and while drinking; that would result in serious complications! Having both water and whiskey at the same time will keep you hydrated enough to lower the symptoms. This is one of the most effective prevention techniques.


  1. Don’t order shots. These high volumes of alcohol will instantly affect your health, and the concentrations are too high to be filtered by your body. Your intestine will also have less time to absorb these into your blood so that it will take it up at a faster rate. If this continues, you are likely to become an alcoholic soon.


The symptoms for getting hungover are uncomfortable; we will know that. Some recovery drinks can help too. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy while enjoying a little bit, try following the hangover prevention tips above. We know you won’t be disappointed!

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