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Hangover Cures From Around the World

That feeling you wake up with having a headache and a foggy highlight of the events you had the previous night. You can also wake up in an unfamiliar place and you feel the morning sun cooking you. All you need is something to soothe your body and fast. Here are remedies to you no matter where you are in the world. You no longer have to worry about the pounding headache and that uncomfortable stomach.

United Kingdom

This basically the English Breakfast that you can have if you woke up with a hangover in the United Kingdom. It comprises eggs, sausages, bacon, baked beans in plenty, black pudding and fried toast. The grease in this breakfast is said to absorb alcohol.


Leche de Tigre is known as the Tigers' milk in Peru, This is kind of juice made with onion, garlic, chilies, salt, pepper, fish, lime juice and coriander. The name is derived from its color and energizing Tiger's milk is also said to act as an aphrodisiac.


In case you woke up with in Germany you can take marinated herring and pickled gherkins. You can also take sour tasting food and it is the first meal you should have since it is said to restore the body electrolytes.


Pickle juice is what you can have in Poland after waking up with a hangover. This juice is plain and contains sodium, vinegar, and water. The pickle juice is great and will cure you…apparently by rehydrating the body….


This is some soup made in Mexico that has edible offal from an animal’s stomach especially in the broth that has red chili pepper. The soup stimulates the senses and clears the head.


In Italy, espresso is the perfect remedy. Italians will have many cups of homemade espresso. They believe that the caffeine in the coffee will dilate the blood vessels and so the headache will be cleared quickly.


If you are in Canada you can take poutine that is so common in and comprises French fries, which are covered up with light brown gravy sauce and also cheese curds. .This greasy and it also absorbs alcohol also very fast.


In Mongolia, you will get an ancient drink that is commonly known as Mongolia Mary. The juice is made from tomatoes and it is known and believed to help the liver expunge the alcohol from the body. The juice is not good for those with weak stomachs.


Russia is known to be home of Vodkas and so if you have had too much to drink and wake up with a hangover then do not worry for there is a cure for it. Take sauerkraut which basically is made of sour cabbage. The meal is full of vitamin C and has great and good probiotic culture and your gut will be soothed, it also helps your body rehydrate

Final Verdict

At any destination you travel and wake up having hangover there is the cure for it so do not worry and stay with a nagging headache and a bad stomach.

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