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What is a hangover?

Hangovers are ways our bodies warn us to control drinking and hangover cures are necessary to maintain good health. Of course, too much alcohol is dangerous for us and, in some cases, can be life-threatening. In this article, we will be discussing what hangovers are, the symptoms you will face, the cures and ways to prevent them and what is a hangover cure... 


Before we jump into the prevention methods, let us understand what a hangover actually means. When you drink more than necessary, you might feel dizzy and weak after a while. You might also face other symptoms such as feeling stressed, anxious and tired. This series of manifestations are hangovers.


This problem usually goes away on their own after some hours of rest, however, it might differ among people. The common factors influencing this problem are the congeners in your drink; the higher the usage of congeners in a beverage, the greater the chances of getting a hangover. Dehydration is another cause of these unpleasant feelings; when you drink alcohol, your body becomes inefficient to hold water and so, makes you thirsty. Do note that intaking more drinks will not quench this thirst; only water will!


How do you know you have a hangover?


Most heavy drinkers suffer from this issue, but if you are intolerant to it, just a couple of beers can result in an uncomfortable day. To make sure you get a relevant cure, check out the below symptoms


  • Headache: Blood pressure rises as a result of too much alcohol in your body. This pressure is build up because your heart begins contracting quicker than usual.


  • Nauseousness: Alcoholic beverages cause your body to produce acids in excessive amounts and make you throw up. You might sense inflammation as your vomit; this is caused for the acids.


  • Tiredness: Congeners are responsible for lowering sugar levels. These result in feelings of fatigue and clumsiness.


There are few other symptoms such as mood swings, low concentration, extreme thirst, and sleep disorders though those mentioned above are most commonly seen.


How to prevent this problem and what are the cures?


We, of course, do not want you to suffer from the issues above and so have created a list of prevention techniques. Please find it below:


  • Eat while drinking: It is best to drink while snacking or having a meal as an empty stomach absorbs alcohol much faster; you will suffer from the symptoms at a higher intensity.


  • Sip water between drinks: This will prevent dehydration and dilute the drinks reducing its effect. We believe it’s best to keep a glass of water beside your bottle and hydrate yourself between each drink. You might even drink less as you will be full of water!


  • Use low congeners: These chemicals add flavour to your beverages but also delay the breakdown of alcohol. So you will have this problem for a longer time.


The best way to reduce these effects is to drink less and take breaks between each. You can always find other ways to prevent the symptoms, but these are the most effective!


The cures include consuming ginseng, avocado and borage oils. A good night’s rest can also contribute to a complete cure. 


Drinking can feel great, but too much of anything can cause serious health problems. We wish you excellent health and are hopeful that these tips will help you enjoy drinks and stay well at the same time.