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10 Hangover Myths


A hangover can be caused by a variety of factors which includes dehydration and excess of alcohol consumption. When a person drinks too much alcohol, it causes a direct effect on the human body which results in an increase in urine production. This is also a reason behind dehydration. But it is not only caused due to dehydration that is just a myth you have to stop believing it. It has several other reasons behind it. Excessive alcohol is just so bad for human health and it can affect your health in many ways such as it can cause weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness, vomiting, sweating and diarrhea as well. If you over consume alcohol your body might lose additional fluids and electrolytes.

Myth 1: Drinking plenty of water will cure you

That is just so not true, plenty of water will not cure you. It will only cause you a lot of urine production. And you will end up being in the toilet at midnight.  Dehydration that comes when you over consume alcohol but it is not the only reason behind curing hangovers.

2: Drinking spirits before blends such as beer and wine will keep you sober

This is again a false statement whoever has said this so was probably drunk and out of his senses. Changing the order of taking drinks is nothing to do with this.

3: More will lessen the effect

This is probably the most foolish thing someone has ever said in the past. Drinking more alcohol is not a cure or a prevention or treatment in any way at all

4: Avoiding sugary cocktails would help

That is again so not true but in fact, if you consume a few sugary drinks after, It would help you to slow down the rate of absorption to your system.

5: Throwing up will remove the booze in your stomach

In fact, make yourself to throw up can cause dehydration in your body. It will not help you to cure yourself in anyway. Making yourself vomiting is just a bad idea.

6: Eat whatever you want to eat

Choosing the wrong snacks can get you in a lot of trouble. The food will not slow the speed of absorption into your blood stream. It will worsen the effects.

7: Pain-killers will lessen the effect

Pain-killers can only numb the pain for the sake of time being. Painkillers are not a permanent solution to prevent or treat they just mask!

8: Hangovers caused by electrolyte shortage

They are not caused by electrolyte shortage. Rather the converse is true in that topping up electrolytes after is a great idea!

9: Drinking black coffee would help

Drinking black coffee would only increase your consumption of caffeine.  It will also increase your throbbing headache.

10: Nothing can cure hangovers

This is also absolutely wrong if the above-mentioned myths are not true, it does not mean that nothing can work for. Many researchers have come to the conclusion that ensure you replace the vitamins and treating the dehydration can help 😉

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