Why do we get hangovers?

Like everyone, you must be interested in going for another drink while partying without ignoring the impact that another drink could create on your body. In such a scenario, the feeling that you have on the next day is known as a hangover. Do you want to know the symptoms and the cures for this problem? Stay tuned. We are going to highlight them in this article.


Headache, dry mouth and uneasy stomach are some of the symptoms of a hangover. But not everyone gets the same symptoms. These are the general ones. They may differ from individual to individual. What could be the other symptoms? If this is the question circulating in your mind, then we can answer this question for you. You can feel oversensitive to light and sound. That means that any sort of sound or light in your room would make you feel frustrated. Moreover, fatigue and muscle aches are some of the additional symptoms. Feeling dizziness and over sweatiness can be included in the list too.

How long can these symptoms prevail?

You can expect these symptoms to prevail a few hours after you wake up or can even extend to the entire day. The exact time depends on your body and your routine. If you drink occasionally, you must expect to experience severe symptoms for a longer time in comparison to the regular drinkers. Moreover, the drink that you have consumed also has an impact while discussing the time duration of ill feelings. Drinking vodka creates lesser problems as compared to drinking bourbon.

Why do we get these symptoms?

There is simple science behind it. Alcohol is a diuretic. It drains all the fluid out of your body. This leads to a lack of water in the body for proper functioning as well the byproducts of alcohol are unable to leave the body, creating even more irritation. Thus, the symptoms that we have highlighted above are because of the combination of these two scenarios.

But the dehydration is not the only problem when consuming alcohol. Your stomach lining gets affected. Blood sugar level and the response rate of the blood cells are lowered as well. This is why you experience dizziness and lack of coordination between your brain and reflexes.

There can be a few people who never get the hangover? Why? This is because of the genes. You might have observed this trait in the people of Asian origin. However, there can be other reasons involved in it. This includes the overall intake of food and water and the time taken for consuming a drink. Additionally, the metabolism of your body can have a role in it too.


The only cure to avoid a hangover is prevention. You must drink smartly or avoid it completely to remain active. Obviously, you will remain safe from the long-term diseases that can get you because of alcohol consumption.

No wonder there is so many people giving the best ways to avoid a hangover and how to beat them!