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Why do we get Hangovers...and is there a cure?

Like everyone, you must be interested in going for another drink while partying and ignoring the impact that another drink could create on your body. In such a scenario, the feeling that you have on the next day is known as a hangover. Do you want to know the symptoms and the cures for this problem? Stay tuned. We are going to highlight them in this article.


Headache, dry mouth and uneasy stomach are some of the symptoms of a hangover. But not everyone gets the same symptoms. These are the most common, however you may also feel oversensitive to light and sound, find yourself more irritable, feel dizzy and unable to focus…to name a few. All in all a pretty unpleasant experience, which unfortunately too many of us know all too well.


How long can these symptoms last?

You can expect these symptoms to start after you wake up and they may extend to the entire day in severe cases. The exact time depends on your body, your routine, volume drunk, speed of metabolism etc. Also some studies have show that severity and duration may also be down to the type of alcohol consumed, with the darker drinks being linked to the worse hangovers.


Why do we get these symptoms?

There is simple science behind it. Alcohol is a diuretic. It drains a lot of the fluid out of your body, and causes dehydration, which is linked to a number of the symptoms, especially the extreme headaches that many people experience the next day.

The breakdown of the alcohol is the vitamin intensive process, its this depletion in vitamin levels that further lead to overall hangover. 

But the dehydration is not the only problem when consuming alcohol. Your stomach lining gets effected. Blood sugar levels are affected and the response rate of the blood cells are lowered as well. This is why you experience dizziness and lack of coordination between your brain and reflexes.



One way to prevent a hangover is to not drink…..but that’s not really an option, right?!

So ultimately you need to address the issues, as such the best things you can do is stay hydrated and top up your vitamins. Studies show that a glass of water between drinks can help and so may taking a multivitamin.

Or you could take a Revival Shot, which is has been specially developed by doctors and based on a world health organisation formula for hydration and is packed with electrolytes and vitamins. Click link below for more info!