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Why Do I Fatigue And How To Combat It?

The human body is designed in such a way that it is worn out by the various activities we carry out while we are awake. Rest is thus, a necessity as it provides an environment for the body to heal and replace worn out parts. In other to ensure that individuals carry out this vital activity, the body gets fatigued and the brain sends the signals, which informs an individual that it is time to relax and rest. This article will attempt to explain why and how to combat.


an be defined as the sense of tiredness that an individual feel due to illness, physical exertion or mental exertion. In most cases, the feeling starts gradually and continues to increase as an individual continue to carry out various activities. When an individual is , his or her muscle become incapable of maintaining an optimal physical performance.


There are 2 major types: Mental and Physical. Mental is a state where an individual cannot carry out proper cognitive performance temporarily. This is most likely to also affect physical performance since the brain must be able to think properly for the other parts of the body to function effectively. Physical on the other hand, is more related to physical fitness, where the muscle does not have enough energy to function properly.


Lack of Rest: The major cause of  is not resting when the body sends signals of tiredness. The fact that it starts gradually with faint feeling  until it becomes more pronounced, implies that the body gives enough warning before it manifests. It is expected that the instant an individual start to feel tired, he should slow down on physical activity and try to take some rest. However, the continuous involvement in physical or mental activity without rest even after feeling tired is the major causes.

Irregular Sleeping Pattern: Irregular sleeping pattern can contribute. The night is supposed to be a period where an individual should get some sleep, recommended for at least 8 hours. Most people due to the nature of their job, family and other factors find it difficult to achieve this level of sleep. This is further worsened by the fact that they cannot maintain a particular sleeping pattern in terms of sleeping at a particular time and waking up at a particular time every day. This sort of destabilizes the body systems and could make it easier for an individual to feel it

Strenuous Activities: The involvement in strenuous activities including work, exercise and other responsibilities could make it easier for a person to tire

How to Combat

The tips below are the best ways to combat fatigue:

  • Sleep for a minimum of 8 hours every day.
  • Try to have a time for sleeping and waking up, for instance: 10pm to 6am +/- 1 hour every night.
  • Eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and protein as they help to build the body and maintain the muscle.
  • Take power naps, which could range between 5 minutes to 30 minutes, 
  • Water, Fruit juices and milk drinks could also be refreshing and hydrating to the body, thereby aiding to reduce tiredness and fatigue.


Finally one of the best ways to combat is to use our range,

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