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Why coffee is bad for you and why is hydration the better alternative?

There is a belief that the daily intake of coffee can cause dehydration. A research done by the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom (U.K), they observed the fluid level of 50 people. They had the habit of consuming 3 to 6 cups of coffee each day. To compare the hydrating effects of water and coffee, they completed the observation in two phases. In the first phase, they took coffee as the main source of hydration, while in the next phase they went off the coffee and took an equal quantity of water. Result was a little bit different from the expectations. The coffee has a large amount of caffeine but caffeine had no influence on hydration status. But it doesn't mean that coffee works the same as water. The nutritionists agree that water or sports drinks are best for rehydrating after fluid has been depleted.


Here are some disadvantages of coffee:


  • Taking enough amount of coffee can cause dehydration.
  • It can be toxic and harmful as it can have a lot of impurities that can result for headache or sickness.
  • If you drink almost 20 to 25 liters of coffee in a short time span, it will be lethal. Because it contains almost 10 to 15 grams of caffeine, that is really dangerous.
  • It causes restlessness and insomnia. 500mg of caffeine a person gets from 5 cups of coffee. If your DNA is sensitive for coffee then stay away from coffee.
  • Don't drink more if you are pregnant. Because the research shows the controversial role of coffee on fetus. If you drink it, it will affect the fetus. Fetus will be highly sensitive to caffeine.
  • Filtered coffee is a better choice for those having high cholesterol problem. Some people have greater heart risk if they consumed too much coffee.
  • Too much consumption can lead to anxiety, jittery and heart palpitations.
  • Caffeine also causes high blood pressure, though it usually occurs through regular use.
  • Some researches made that caffeine causes cancer. Regular use increases the risk of cancer many times while the research doesn’t agree with this one.


Water is the best hydrated drink in the world, but some people don't enjoy it all the time.

 Here are some alternative forms of hydration:


Coconut water:

 It is also the best source of hydration. It also acts as one of the best sports drinks which athletes demand after working out on a treadmill.

 Flavored water:

 You can also add some flavor in your regular water such as, some mint, slices of lemon and cucumber e.t.c.

 Juicy Fruits and vegetables:

 Those fruits and vegetables that have a lot of juice in them are also good for hydration, such as cucumber, oranges, kiwi and strawberries e.t.c