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Why Choose Revival Rehydration Powder?

Why Choose Revival?

If you browse online or in stores, you will stumble upon countless brands and varieties of rehydration supplements. They all claim to give the same benefits - hydration. However, some supplements have taken the next step to make sure they can give more benefits. Revival Recovery and Rehydration is a rehydration supplement. Keep on reading to find out more about why you should choose it over others.

Revival is suitable for athletes.

Athletes, particularly endurance athletes, preferred Revival Recovery and Rehydration for its rapid hydration benefits. On top of this, it’s also packed with electrolytes and essential vitamins needed to help them easily and quickly recover from hours of training. We are certainly so much more than just basic energy or sports drinks. Revival has a lot to offer to the table.

Revival is also ideal for those who want an energy kick.

If you are not an athlete nor physically active, you can certainly benefit from Revival’s rapid hydration benefits. Often, when you’re feeling tired, lazy, and just lacking in energy, you are just dehydrated. It’s easy to become dehydrated without you being aware because dehydration symptoms are quite vague and don’t appear until it’s already too severe.


You’ll be surprised by how being properly hydrated will boost your energy. On top of this, revival is also packed with vitamin C and B vitamins that will help you absorb all the important nutrients from your food. Thus, this means that you’re getting the most energy out of your meals.

It’s also great if you are suffering from a hangover.

Revival Shots are not only created for those who are physically active or need an extra dose of energy. They are also excellent to take during those “under the weather“ days. Whether you have had too much to drink the night before, or you’re just feeling a bit tipsy and want to get back on your feet as soon as possible, you can take a Revival Recovery and Rehydration shot to help you get through the day.


After having drunk alcoholic drinks, you often lose some amount of water because alcohol makes you more than usual. You need to replace the fluids you’ve lost so that you can recover quickly.


It is easy to prepare.

If you’re on the go you will appreciate the Revival Shots. They come in small packets that you can dissolve in 500 mL of water. There’s no need to string along bulky bottles of sports drinks. You just have to bring the small pocket size-friendly packets with you.

It comes in three great flavors.

Unlike conventional rehydration supplements, revival comes in three amazing flavors - Orange Burst, Wild Cherry, and Tropical and Berry Blast. These refreshing and energizing flavors are something you will look forward to in the morning. Just the flavors alone will give the quick kick that you need.



Currently, Revival Shots are just some of the most effective and great tasting rehydration supplements you can get in the market. Say goodbye to groggy mornings and dehydration from exercise and sports.