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Why are Hydration Supplements so popular?

With an increase in daily activities for most of us, it is crucial to stay hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration has many side effects, and some can lead to severe issues. But drinking plain water isn’t enough; we need hydration supplements. In this article, we will be discussing what these are, how they help us, and their reason for being so popular. Let’s get started!


What are hydration supplements? 

Well, they can come in many forms such as pre mixed drinks, powders or small capsules that can be easily swallowed. These provide vital minerals essential to the body, such as Sodium, Magnesium, and Potassium, all of which are termed as electrolytes. These additives make it easier for our bodies to absorb a sufficient amount of water quickly for proper cell functioning and maintaining factors such as body temperature. With hydration supplements and adequate amounts of water, you can say goodbye to all those unpleasant symptoms of dehydration!


How do they help? 

It is evident that these additives are taken to ensure excellent health by providing correct fluid balance. Below, we have listed the top 3 ways they can give you the life you deserve:


  1. Helps develop muscles: If you’re an athlete, you need to exercise to strengthen your muscles. Unfortunately, drinking an insufficient amount of water will hinder you from doing so. The reason being that your tissues aren’t being supplied with enough protein and other nutrients due to lack of a transport medium; water. Hydration also helps repair torn muscles and keeps your joints lubricated. 


  1. Helps replace water loss: It is no surprise that some bodies have inefficient methods of water absorption, so even if they drink lots of water, they still have to fight the dehydration effects. If you live in a hot climate, it is likely you sweat a lot. Both these examples relate to one thing- water loss. Therefore, to replenish your body, take some form of rehydration as they make your body soak up water efficiently.


  1. Helps make metabolism more efficient: Every cell in our body has more than 50 percent of water. If they dry out, they die or function improperly. However, with hydration supplements, your body gets to keep all the required amount of water. This improves metabolism as chemical reactions needing water to start them off will be available.

Why are theys so popular?

The reason for electrolyte drinks are gaining popularity is because of their role to eliminate dehydration, among all of us, effectively. Without hydration supplements, we will suffer from something as small as tiredness to big issues such as heatstrokes, and bowel problems. Low immunity will also be an issue for most of us. 

It is true that drinking water helps, but to make your body more efficient, we recommend taking additional electrolytes. We also understand that drinking additional amounts of water can be uncomfortable, so make sure any water you intake is used proficiently. 

Remember, with the proper balance of fluids in your body, you are sure to live a long and healthy life!