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Which Countries Drink The Most?

According to the statistics of previous year it is clear that the Europe consume most. The main reason behind this is that it has a colder climate. Another reason behind it is social norms. In most of the European countries alcohol is being used on daily basis at social events. It has become a status symbol in European countries.  European people consume on average are drinking twice as much as other parts of the world. They have a habit of drinking after meal times and while hanging out. The countries who drink the most are as follows:


1: Belarus

According the world health organization Belarus is at the top of the list and has the highest consumption rate. The people of Belarus consume almost 17.5 liters of individually.


2: Moldova

Moldova has ranked 2nd in the list of world’s biggest consumption countries. The Moldovans consumption is almost 16.8 liters per capita.


3: Lithuania

Lithuania is also one of the biggest countries on this scale and it has ranked 3rd in the list. The people of Lithuania consume almost 15.4 L of individually. The reason behind this is that the people of Lithuania go hard!


4: Russia

In the past years, Russia has been working hard to decrease its levels in recent years . Now it has ranked as a 4th country who is the biggest boozer around the world. The Russians consume 15.1 liter on an average as an individual.


5: Romania

The average of Romania is 14.4 liters per capita. The reason behind this is that because young people of Romania love to socialize that is why the drinking habit is higher in young people.


6: Ukraine

According to the statistics,  Ukraine is 13.9 liters per capita. The reason behind this huge figure is their deep-rooted belief …. I guess this means its part of the culture!...


7: Andorra

The average of Andorran people is 13.8 liters per capita. The reason behind this is that Andorra's economy is fairly prosperous. Those with money drink more?


8: Hungary

According to the world health organization, Hungary is amongst those countries  who are higher than the other countries in the world. Hungary has been ranked as the 8th country in this list. The reason behind this massive usage is lack of control policy.


9: Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of those countries whose alcohol useage rate is higher than the others. The average rate of the Czech Republic is 13 liters per capita. Behind this huge consumption is the growing use among teens in this region!


10: Slovakia

The Slovakia is ranked as 10th in the list of the world’s most indulgent countries. The reason behind this is that Slovakia is best known by its traditional alcoholic trends. That is why it has high rate and just makes the list!...