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What is hangover and is there such thing a cure?

Hangover is the experience of unpleasant physiological and physical condition which is triggers by the excessive consumption of alcohol such as Wine, Beer or whiskey. Hangover can last up to 24 hours or even more depending on the type and amount of consumed alcohol. There are numerous symptoms of hangover such as headache, increase of heartbeat, fatigue, depression and many more. The hangover affects various organs of your body especially hormones which creates problems for your body. Hangover decreases the availability of glucose in your body. Usually, a hangover can occur at any time of the day but mostly it happens in the morning after heavy alcohol at night. The severity of hangover depends upon how much alcohol was consumed and after drinking what actions are been taken. For example how much sleep is taken? The less you sleep, the worse the hangover will be caused.

Effects of Hangover

In simple words, hangover is caused by overdrinking of alcohol. The limit of consumption is very important for health. If you over drink, it will cause a lot of problems mentally and psychology. Some of the causes are below:

  • Hangover can cause you to produce more urine. If you produce more urine then it will lead to dehydration.
  • Hangover can disturb your immune system. Disturbance of the immune system will affect your memory and later it can affect your usual activities.
  • Hangover can affect your stomach. Hangover increase the stomach acid in your stomach and this can cause vomiting, abdominal pain as well as nausea. 
  • Hangover can make your blood sugar low. By low blood sugar, you will experience weakness, fatigue, and seizures or maybe shakiness. 
  • Hangover can cause you headache because it expands the blood vessels.
  • Hangover will make you sleepy and tired. Although sleep is good for hangover but hangover usually gives bad sleep. 

Hangover cure....

It is wise saying that caution is better than cure. The best way to avoid a hangover is either not to drink much or drink in limit. If somehow you are addicted and become a victim of hangover then there are some things you should do. First of all, you should drink plenty of water. The more you drink water, the more you will get out of hangover. After drinking water and completing the hydration level, you should go for rest as well as get some pain killers. The last way to get rid of it is to wait. 

As we have discussed before that hangover can cause you a great dehydration. Dehydration will cause you tired, sleepy and most importantly stress. Dehydration happens when you drink much and produce more urine. The best way to defend this dehydration is to drink water time by time. According to research, water is the best fluid to exit hangover. While you become the victim of dehydration, you will experience headache and anxiety. It sometimes happens that you lose your senses when you are facing hangover. Throughout the world, some people can’t handle hangover and even die.