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Use of caffeine in sports industry

The use in the sports industry is, no doubt, a proven fact. You can improve your performance to a considerable degree by consuming caffeine. However, the daily-recommended intake it and the regularity can play an important role while analyzing the performance of athletes through its usage.

In this article, the focus will be on the effects on athletes along with the discussion on the recommended limits for effective performance.

How does it react to the athletes’ body?

The reaction on the consumer is targeted at the central nervous system, which in turn targets the muscles, heartbeat and blood pressure. The increase in blood pressure can provide the athletes with the necessary stamina to get the work done.

What are some specific benefits?

You can witness an increased performance by 4% to 5% when considering the caffeine intake. Here are some other benefits that you would want to know:

  • Improvement in endurance level:

The improvement in endurance level is one of the benefits that can help in increasing the stamina especially for the longer interval sports such as marathons, or cycling, etc. consuming an effective level of doze can help you in winning the game. However, relying on it solely for winning (without practice) will not be a good idea.

  • Mobilization of fats:

The use of induces the metabolism in the fat stores of the body. It results in the presence of spare glycogen for the provision of energy. It is most effective in cases where a continuous supply of power is needed.

  • Helpful in creating alertness:

Another important use is alertness. It can induce your central nervous system to remain active and more alert for responding back. It can improve your response time in games. Additionally, the level of tiredness during a sport even is often reduced, making you active enough to take part in the other activities as well.

Is it legally allowed?

Yes, it is. It is not a drug, so the authorities don’t consider it as an illegal drink before the event. So, you can easily consume it. However, there are certain limits imposed to check the level of caffeine. If these levels are violated, you can expect action to be taken against you. Even consuming it in amounts higher than the normal could lead to overtiredness, diarrhea, muscle issues, and other such impacts.

So, if you are wondering what the allowed amount ? From the sports perspective, it is 12 micrograms per millimeter of urine. With this limit, you can easily consume around 8 cups of espresso within 4-5 hours. But this limit is not a healthy one if you are not into any kind of sport. For such individuals, 400 mg of caffeine is the limit.

Although it can provide you with an enhanced performance level in the sport, you should not over consume it. The overconsumption can lead to problems like muscle breakdown, fatigue, and other bodily discomforts.