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The Importance Of C, B1, B3, B5 And Folic Acid


Vitamins are an essential micronutrient which we need in small quantities for the growth and development of our body. There are 13 types which have numerous benefits. In this article, we will discuss five of the most important, which include C, B1, B3, B5 and folic acid. These can be found in many fruits and vegetables that we use in our daily lives.


Why we need ?

This is a common question that everybody asks and needs to know its answer. Every vitamin that I have mentioned above is important for our body's development. If we do not take enough vitamins then our body will not be able to function properly.


Vit C

C plays an important role in the human body and it provides help in numerous important body functions. It is a water-soluble vitamin which means our body cannot store it for a long time that is why we need to intake it on daily basis. Its major functions include metabolization of proteins. It also helps to reduce the risk of various cancers. C deficiency can cause various problems in our body such as delay in wound healing, swollen joints, anemia and tiredness.


Vit B1

B1 is another important vitamin that we need to metabolize glucose in our body. Its major functions include that it enables our body to use carbohydrates as a source of energy which means it plays an important role in our nervous system, muscle and heart function. B1 can be found in meat, nuts and whole grain.


Vit B3

B3 is so important for our general body health. It is commonly known as Niacin. B3 plays an important role to improve cholesterol in the human body and it also helps to lower the cardiovascular risk.  It also helps to regulate or boost our brain system. You can get niacin from tuna, mushrooms, avocados, peas and peanuts.


Vit B5

B5 is another important nutrient which helps our body to live a healthy life. It also helps food to convert into energy so that we could have a healthy life. Its major functions include the production of red blood cells. It also helps to maintain a healthy digestive system. You can get B5 from milk, eggs, cabbage, liver meat, avocados and sweet potatoes.


Folic acid

Folic acid is also an important nutrient which plays a vital role in our body such as it helps to produce new cells and especially in their maintenance. Its major function is to prevent changes in DNA that further leads to so many cancers. It also helps to treat red blood cells deficiency that can cause many problems. You can get folic acid from many foods such as spinach, oranges, wheat, beets, broccoli and liver meat.


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