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The best way to stay hydrated during heatwaves

Electrolyte drinks are getting more popular than ever. Whether it be to keep yourself hydrated or an alternative to plain water, these drinks are encouraged by scientists all over the world; especially in regions where heatwaves are frequent. Heatwaves are short periods of high temperature and humidity and are most common in dry and high altitude areas where jet streams occur repeatedly. In this article, we will be discussing how to stay hydrated, how electrolyte drinks help, and why exactly hydration is important.


Why hydrate during a heatwave?


It is undeniable that water is essential to life. Apart from metabolism, check out the other ways it helps us stay alive:


  • It regulates body temperature by distributing itself evenly throughout the body.
  • It lubricates joints and ligaments, keeping them well-functioning.
  • It delivers nutrients such as glucose, minerals, and amino acids to cells. This enables organs to work effectively and efficiently.
  • It improves sleep quality, ensuring a good mood. Sleep is vital for brain development and growth; however, the lack of fluids in the blood can delay energy usage, thus reducing the growth potential of an organism.


Now that you know how water plays a significant role in our bodies let’s find out how to keep ourselves hydrated.


How does an Electrolyte Drink help?


As we mentioned above, these beverages are made by mixing hydration supplements such as rehydration tablets with water. They will not only keep you hydrated but, add vital minerals such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium to your diet. These minerals, also known as electrolytes, are essential to keep your organs functioning right.


Other ways to stay hydrated


Drinking plenty of water is the best way to have a properly functioning body, however, you can add other water-rich options to your diet. Let’s look at a few tips to stay hydrated during heatwaves or hot summers:


  • Carry bottles wherever you go: Do keep a flask at your work or study desk and near your bed. Drinking before sleep helps prevent dehydration as the body uses moisture to repair tissues during sleep.
  • Drink before you are thirsty: Do not wait until that dry mouth hits you, as, by the time it does, you will already be dehydrated. Try to set timers to prevent such from happening.
  • Reduce alcohol intake: Being one of the main reasons for dehydration, alcohol makes your body lose water excessively. Decreasing alcohol from your diet will make your body more efficient and help you stay healthy.
  • Consume juices and smoothies: These exciting forms of water not only gives you a delicious treat but healthy nutrients at the same time. Coconut juice, watermelon juice, sports drinks, and fruit smoothies are packed with vitamins and sugars that your body needs.



These were a few among the many ways to stay hydrated. Electrolyte drinks are indeed helpful nonetheless, they aren’t the substitute for drinking water regularly. Do follow the tips above and share them with your close ones so that nobody has to suffer from dehydration!