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Struggling to drink enough water? Here are some top tips to help you stay hydrated

Yes, some people do great struggle to drink enough water. There are numerous reasons why this happens. This happens if you don’t have a mode to drink water; your diet is not allowing drinking enough water. In some cases, you struggle to drink enough water because of sickness such as kidney failure. As we know that water is essential for the body and if we fail to take enough water we will experience the problem of dehydration. Dehydration will cause you a lot of problems such as stress or headache. As per recommendation, an adult male needs 3 liter of water per day which is 12 cups. While for the adult women needs 2.2 liter of water per day which is 9 cups. If you fail to reach this line, you will fall for dehydration. If you are a victim of dehydration, your struggle for drinking enough water will increase. Remember before fulfilling the requirement of hydration; we should know the signs of dehydration.

Dehydration is caused if you are feeling headache. If your heartbeat is increasing or you are feeling tired then it is a sign of dehydration. If you are feeling lazy or sleepy, or you are getting affected by your memory then it is because of dehydration. 

Top tips to stay hydrated

Staying hydrated means to stay energized, hydration makes the level of your energy updated. Some of the top tips to stay hydrated are explained below: 

  • Start your day by taking oatmeal. Oatmeal is much hydrated because when they are cooked they absorb milk in it. Milk is more hydrated item than water. 
  • Drink as much water as you can. Water maintains the blood circulation throughout your body and also maintains the temperature of your body. When athletes do workout, their body temperature becomes hot and to avoid dehydration they drink water and juice time by time. 
  • Drink juices and water before, after and between the workouts. 
  • During exercise or gym workout, you should take supplements along with water which contains electrolytes and 6-8% carbohydrates. 
  • Completely avoid the consumption of alcohol. Never go for exercise in hangover. Hangover can cause you to produce more urine, which decrease the level of water in your body and cause dehydration. 
  • Consider all the fluids including coffee, tea, fresh juices, milk as well as soups. 
  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. As we know that fruits and vegetables contain a specific level of water especially fruits like watermelon. 
  • During the exercise, eat salty foods especially those who face the shortage of sodium.
  • Talking about rehydrate at office or work, you should not continuously work for long sessions. Schedule some rest and drink enough water in rest session. 
  • The color of your urine can identify the dehydration. If it's dark-colored then it’s the sign of dehydration. For the solution, you should get some medicine or drink a lot of water to stabilize the level of hydration.