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Stay Hydrated to Optimise Travel

Stay Hydrated to Optimise Travel

If you’re a frequent traveler, it is critical to stay hydrated before, during, and after the travel. It is easy to forget to hydrate ourselves if we’re busy having fun or doing travel for business.  Here are some reasons why you should keep yourself hydrated while traveling.

Airplane air makes your skin dehydrated.

If you have been on long airplane flights, then you know what we are talking about. We’ve all been there. We go on hours-long flights and up in the air, our skin feels dry and dehydrated. Our lips and mouth, in particular, become so dry it’s already uncomfortable.


The air in the airplane is very dry. The humidity of the air is approximately only 20%. Our skin needs at least 50 to 70% humidity in the air to stay hydrated. You can only imagine how drying airplane air can be.


Thus, it’s important to hydrate ourselves even before we travel. While on the flight, we must also consume enough fluids, especially to keep our lips and mouth hydrated. This will ease any discomfort brought about by the dry air in the plane.


It also doesn’t help that airports don’t make drinking water readily available. You will have to pay a high amount to buy bottled water. This often discourages people from hydrating before the flight.

Staying hydrated is important when traveling in hot places.

If you’re going somewhere tropical or anywhere that has a higher temperature than your usual town or city, it’s vital that you keep yourself hydrated. Even more if you will do a lot of walking and physical activities. Your body may need to exert more effort adjusting to the new temperature.


If you are unaware, water is one of the main ways our bodies regulate our internal temperature. Thus, when we are in hot weather, our body will use up more water to keep our bodies cool. Moreover, we also tend to lose more water from sweat.

Alcohol and caffeine make you lose water.

Let’s face it. Whether you’re traveling for business or for leisure, you tend to drink more alcohol or caffeine. You drink more caffeine to stay awake because of jet lag. You also drink alcohol at dinners or parties.


While these substances don’t directly make you dehydrated, they are potent diuretics. These are substances that make you urinate by letting you hold on to water less. Thus, you should anticipate the losses that you will have from drinking these substances.

Dehydration causes fatigue

One of the main reasons why we should keep our bodies hydrated while traveling is to avoid fatigue. When we lose a significant amount of water, our muscles tend to become crampy, we often lose focus, and it puts us in an uncomfortable state. Thus, we should hydrate so that we can fully optimize our travels.



When we are busy we often forget to hydrate ourselves properly. Unfortunately, we don’t see signs of dehydration early on. That is why it’s important to stay ahead by drinking plenty of fluids while we are on the go.