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Revival - The world’s most raved about hydration supplement

If you are one of those who prefer to live an active life and work out consistently, chances are that you are losing much water. Also, you may be losing plenty of nutrients and electrolytes during exercise. Thus, you need to make up for this loss and supply your body with the needed nutrients to power up during your daily life.

Revival is one of the hydration supplements made specifically for these active lifestyles. They are rich in electrolytes and nutrients to compensate for the lost amounts during exercise. They have a wide range of benefits that exceed having plain water.

Revival Shots benefits

  • The supplements rehydrate the body as they are prepared by water. Having them daily will supply the body with the required amounts of H2O whether you exercise daily or not.
  • They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed by the body. These vitamins are necessary for all people and in particular athletes who lose much of these nutrients during exercise.
  • The nutrients intake helps the body to recover fast. So, people who consume these nutritional products achieve better during their workout sessions.
  • Revival products are designed in a way that eases their absorption. The body makes use of the highest possible amounts of electrolytes and nutrients packed in the sachet.

Who can consume Revival Shots?

Generally, anyone can consume these rehydration drinks. However, sporty people who need the maximum power are in much need of these drinks. Also, working people who need to stay energised all day will benefit a lot from these beverages.

You can take a revival shot in the morning instead of your coffee. The benefits of this drink go far beyond coffee. At the same time, you will feel awaken just like when you drink any caffeinated drink.

If you do sport, you can drink the supplements before, during, or after the workout. Even more, you can replace water during the gym session with this drink. It will keep you hydrated and supply your body with the needed energy for peak performance.


These supplements have a special formula that ensures their benefits and safety at the same time. The formula complies with the EU regulations for safe supplement products. Further, this formula is packed with real electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. They include sodium, potassium, folic acid, and dextrose. Also, they are rich in vitamins C and B.


The product is offered in different flavours so you won't ever get bored. The available flavours are orange burst, wild cherry, tropical and berry blast, lemon and lime, summer fruit, and watermelon.

Each of these flavours is available as a pack of 6, 12, or 30 sachets. You may get a small package to try the flavour first then go for the larger packages. Sachets are made to be mixed with 500ml of water. In any case, you shouldn't consume more than 4 sachets in a day.

Revival shots are a perfect solution to stay active all day. These hydration supplements are full of benefits that reflect on your health once you start using them.