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Revival Launches in America

Revival Launches in America

If you are in the UK, then you’ve probably heard of Revival Rehydration and Recovery supplement drink. They have gained loyal customers over the few years that they have launched. Now, they are expanding their reach out more to people through launching in America. Keep on reading to find out more about the brand and their newest launch.

About Revival

Revival was first launched by Daniel Elahi in the United Kingdom. He’s currently a candidate on this year’s ‘The Apprentice of BBC One and an up-and-coming entrepreneur.


Just recently, Revival Rehydration Recovery was launched in America. Their line consists of Rehydration solution packets and effervescent tablets. They are convenient and easy to bring with you anytime and anywhere.


Plus, they even come in three delicious and energizing flavors namely, orange burst, Wild Cherry, and Tropical and Berry Blast. Thus, you won’t have to settle for bland tasting, boring, and medicine-tasting rehydration drinks. Revival is specially formulated to be a refreshing drink so that you can drink them anytime you need it.

Why was Revival created?

For the longest time, energy drinks and Rehydration supplements are all the same. Most of them are targeted towards those who have become dehydrated, those who regularly engage in intense physical activities, etc.


The creators of Revival aimed to come up with a revolutionary product that doesn’t only address problems of dehydration but also aims to provide a boost of energy for those who need it without relying on caffeine.


Specifically, Revival is a hangover killer designed to help you after a heavy night of partying and drinking. There aren't a lot of products targeted towards helping curing hangover symptoms. Revival is packed with high levels of electrolytes to give you the fastest hydration possible so that you can recover from a hangover the soonest. It also has vitamins that will help you stay energized throughout the day.


Revival is also targeted towards those who just want an extra boost of energy without the side effects or the drastic effects of caffeine. If you’re someone who’s always feeling under the weather and tired, a good dose of hydration will certainly help increase your energy levels without having too much sugar or caffeine. With the special blend of electrolytes and vitamins, you’ll get the same effect without the bad side effects.

GMO-free and Vegan Friendly

Revival is 100% GMO-free and vegan friendly. Thus, if you have concerns about unethical ingredients or origins of the components used in the drink, you won’t have to worry because Revival only uses naturally occurring ingredients.

Where can I get Revival?

Revival is widely available in online stores like Amazon. You can also get them from your local pharmacy or drug stores. You can also check their website at



Revival shots are backed by science and developed by doctors to provide rapid rehydration, improved recovery, and effective prevention. If you are in the US and you’re looking for an excellent, great-tasting rehydration supplement, you can’t go wrong with Revival shots.