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Rehydration: The New Work Supplement

Rehydration: The New Work Supplement

More and more people are turning to rehydration supplements to help them perform optimally at work. It’s becoming their new work supplement. If you’re curious, keep on reading to find out how simply properly hydrating your body will give you more focus and energy throughout the day.

A lot of us are dehydrated - and we don’t know it

You may not be aware of it but you are probably dehydrated. The modern diet and lifestyle don’t allow us to properly hydrate ourselves. First, we often turn to flavored drinks especially soda and coffee when we are thirsty. While drinking juices, soda, and coffee are perfectly fine, it is still important to drink just plain water.


Certain drinks that we are fond of like coffee and alcohol are actually diuretics. These are substances that make you create more urine and also make you pee more than usual. Because of this, you tend to lose more and more water. This often aggravates the current dehydration.


Another reason why we are not aware of our hydration status is because it is quite tricky to assess. We often rely on thirst to gauge whether or not we have enough water in our bodies. However, it is not the most accurate way to assess our hydration status. Once thirst sets in, you’re most likely already moderately to severely dehydrated.

How does dehydration affect our energy levels?

Hydration status might seem like a benign issue. It seems like only our doctors’ concerns. However, because our bodies are made of 60% water, our body heavily relies on hydration to optimally function on a daily basis.


Just a drop of 1 to 2% of her body water, will lead to significant symptoms. This includes increased muscle fatigue, mild headaches, and thirst. However as we lose more water, the symptoms also get more serious. This includes the loss of ability to focus, lethargy, restlessness, and many others. These are things that we never want to experience especially at work because this compromises our productivity.

How to rehydrate the right way

Now that we know how important hydration is to our energy levels, it’s time that we properly hydrate ourselves so that we can cheese the energy level that we want to better one function at the workplace.


The most basic way we can hydrate ourselves is by drinking enough water, that is, pure water. However, if you are already dehydrated, you might want to rely on rehydration supplements to help facilitate faster rehydration and recovery. You can use these rehydration supplements daily to give you that regular energy boost that you need in a natural way.



Staying mentally active and mental focus while at work are very crucial. We all want to go to work with high energy and laser focus. However, relying on chemicals like caffeine and sugar is not our best option for our health.  We can turn to rehydration supplements to give us the energy boost that we need every day.