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Rehydration Sachets for Hangovers - The Perfect Recovery Drink?

Have you ever heard of rehydration sachets for hangovers? Are they a hangover cure? Well, you can use the typical hydration solutions meant for preventing dehydration as a recovery drink. One sure-fire way to avoid the aftereffects is to refrain from boozing or do so in moderation. But it’s also okay to go wild every once in a while.

When the withdrawal symptoms kick in as the alcohol level reduces, it can be difficult to withstand the splitting headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Rehydrating your body can help you avoid these symptoms and start your day like nothing ever happened the night before.

How Alcohol Robs You Of Body Fluids

Liquor works in different ways to wreak havoc upon you after a night of intoxication. Sometimes, you can also suffer withdrawal symptoms from moderate intake. Such a case could happen due to the level of congeners or your tolerance level.

Check out the various ways in which drinking can dehydrate you and learn betters ways of how to cure a withdrawal symptoms.

Increased urination

Alcohol in the blood triggers increased urination to eliminate toxins build-up. The liver is seriously working to break down ethanol into acetaldehyde, which is toxic in high amounts. More water dilutes the toxin and passes it out of the body as urine.

As the frequency of urination increases, dehydration eventually sets in.

Electrolyte imbalance

Booze introduces congeners, reduces sodium, and depletes other essential resources needed to function optimally. With lower sodium levels, you can suffer from hyponatremia. It is the electrolyte imbalance that in turn causes headaches, nausea, and extreme thirst.

Rehydration sachets for hangovers effectively sustain the electrolyte levels and can alleviate most of the symptoms of post drinking.

Reduced blood sugar level

Alcohol also causes the body to lose its glucose production capabilities, resulting in hyperglycemia -  low blood sugar, making you feel exhausted and dizzy.

Lower blood volume and pressure

Booze hinders antidiuretic hormone production, which helps in regulating blood volume. Drinking too much causes dehydration, hence reduced blood volume. Eventually, low blood pressure kicks in. Nutrients supplied to all body parts also decrease due to low pressure. As a result, you’ll feel stressed, confused,  and lose focus. 

Gastrointestinal process interference

Alcohol can induce diarrhea and vomiting, which in turn cause further dehydration. It does that by causing stomach lining irritation and acidity. Additionally, it also reduces the food digestion rate.

How Does Rehydration Sachets For Hangovers Work?

You’re probably wondering how these remoistening salts can help you with overcoming hangovers. Well, one of the side effects of booze is draining your body of its fluids. The fermentation or distillation processes in alcohol production release some congeners as by-products.

These congeners are the cause of side effects as your alcohol level reduces. With increased urination, the disruption of electrolytes balance also occurs, intensifying the side effects further. Taking these drinks will top up the lost fluids and electrolytes and further reduce the detrimental side effects.

What are Some of The Rehydration Sachets?

Oral rehydration solutions (ORS) commonly used for rehydrating the body during diarrhea also work perfectly to eliminate hangovers. These solutions contain the proper amount of medically suitable electrolytes such as sodium, chloride, potassium, and magnesium.  

Revival is an excellent rehydration sachet (but of course we might be a little bias). We often get asked if our products can be used to cure a hangover, so we have made a dedicated page which looks at just this! Click below to check it our!!

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