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Rehydration Drinks Vs Energy Drink

Advertisements can make you believe that energy and rehydration drinks are all that you need to recharge yourself. If you are having a hard day at work, get an electrolyte. Are you not able to run as fast as other athletes in college? Well, go ahead and get hydration powders. Do you have a deadline to abide by? The boss won’t hear any excuses – a sports drink could be the answer.


These look great in adverts (the creative team puts in a lot of effort to make it look appealing) but most people want to know the difference.

Here’s a quick post that will answer the question! Let’s get started.

The Difference: A Quick Comparison

Energy drinks are for anyone who needs a quick burst of energy. If you are not able to stay awake through the night to complete a deadline-driven task, they would help you kick-start your system for a couple of hours.

The second one is meant for athletes. Manufacturers make rehydration drinks keeping athletes at the back of their minds. These help replenish lost electrolytes and fluids. When an athlete engages in high-intensity activities, they lose a lot of electrolytes during the process. Also, they get dehydrated under bright sunshine. This drink will help with both: hydration and replenishing electrolytes.

Benefits of energy drinks

The primary ingredient here is caffeine. It boosts energy both physically and mentally. It increases concentration and endurance (as and when needed).

So, if a student has to stay awake through the night to finish a chapter or homework, they could use these to increase alertness. It's like drinking a cup of coffee to stay awake!

Some people have also claimed that it helps in losing weight. There are a couple of brands in the market that make these. Should they be taken regularly? The answer is NO. Should an athlete have it? Once again, the answer is NO. These are packed with sugar and caffeine which is not good for athletes.

Benefits of rehydration drinks

If you are using hydration powders, the scenario is different because these are meant for people who indulge in high-intensity activities.

When an athlete engages in high-intensity workouts, they lose a lot of water and electrolyte from the body.

An athlete can hydrate during, after, and before a workout. It keeps your body far away from dehydration.

While water is a good ‘natural’ beverage, sportspersons should rehydrate using electrolytes. But it is only meant for those who engage in strenuous activities. A professional athlete who goes through extensive training should be using electrolyte sachets and not someone who spends an hour practicing for leisure purposes.

Concluding Thoughts

Rehydration drinks are better for professional athletes, and a sports drink is good for someone who needs to stay up and finish a task.

Both are different from each other. One is packed with sugar and caffeine, and the other has sodium and simple sugars. Make a wise choice!