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Rehydration Drinks – The facts you need to know

A rehydration drink can replenish your body totally, especially if you are an athletic person. Hydration is important to all people but those who work out need it more than others. Normally, 60% of the human body is H2O. Yet, we lose this liquid during the day in different processes.


A process all living organisms perform is execration. This process is to get rid of excessive food inside the body. However, we lose liquids along with other unneeded elements during execration.


The opposite to execration as we consume liquids to digest the food we eat. Water can be lost during digestion. Even more, people suffering from vomiting or diarrhea lose more liquids than normal.


This is known to all that when we exercise, we sweat. Sweating is another form of execration where liquids go out of the body and evaporate from the skin. Thus, regulating the body's temperature to complete the workout.


One of the ways we lose fluids is through breathing. Our respiratory system adds moisture to the inhaled air. Yet, during exhaling, this moisture is lost where the amount varies according to the weather.

Thus, it is essential to compensate for these fluids via a rehydration drink. Although you can consume plain water, these have an added benefit which is electrolytes. The body loses some essential nutrients along with other fluids when performing the above processes. By having an electrolyte-rich supplement, these nutrients are compensated, and the body is kept hydrated.

Facts about getting hydrated

Water has many sources

We don't need to consume H2O all day to get the required amount. In fact, our bodies get H2O from different sources rather than drinking. For example, most fruits and vegetables contain plenty of H2O. The top fruits to eat are strawberries, grapefruits, and watermelon. Whereas the top veggies with rich liquid content are cucumber, carrots, zucchini, and lettuce.

The amount needed is not the same for everyone

Many times, we heard about having 8 glasses of water daily. Although this rule is still valid, it is not crucial. Some people might need according to many factors. The weight, age, sex, level of exercise, and other factors all determine the amount of fluid needed daily. Certainly, people who exercise more need more liquids. Thus, they usually go for rehydration drink options.

Getting thirsty means getting dehydrated

Normally, we tend to intake liquids when we are thirsty. This is actually a bad thing because thirst means you are already dehydrated. Thus, it is recommended to consume fluids even before getting thirsty. You can use a mobile application to remind you of having water or liquids every now and then throughout the day.

Rehydration drink options are a solution

If you find it difficult to intake water consistently, spice it up with hydration powder packets. These rehydration drink options will supply you with the needed amount of H2O in addition to electrolytes. They also come in different flavours, so, you don't get bored with your drinks.