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Negative effects of coffee

Is it your favorite drink like many others? Great, it actually is a wonderful solution for a number of problems including fatigue, tiredness and the lows in the mood. However, if you intend to take in more than the recommended amount, it can lead to multiple problems. A few of the negative consequences of the higher dosage of caffeine are mentioned below.


The positive impact for which the caffeine is usually taken is for reducing the tiredness, in order to do so, the caffeine reacts with the chemicals in the body to lower their impact. At the same time, it also stimulates the hormones associated with fight or flight. The excessive release of these hormones can make you conscious about everything, leading to higher anxiety.


If you really want to stay up the night for work, then coffee can be the best solution. But if you are habitual of the overdose of caffeine, then you’ll definitely be experiencing insomnia. The higher presence in the blood can also impact the quality and quantity of sleep as well. Moreover, it might take a longer time to shut off your brain and sleep. So, if you don’t want to be an insomniac, you must lower the coffee consumption gradually.

Issues in the digestive tract:

For some of the individuals, the use can act as a stimulant for gastric mobility. It can increase the activity in the colon, thus leading to improvement in the digestive function. However, a higher dosage can lead to diarrhea and other such problems. So, an adequate amount of caffeine intake can be beneficial, but once it gets above the recommended quantity, it can lead to problematic effects.


Caffeine is an addiction. If you don’t get the required amount of it during a day, it can make you feel lethargic. Lethargic is not the only impact; rather you can feel pain in muscles, headache and other such problems. So, if you take 5-6 cups of a day, you are really making yourself addictive to it. Try reducing the number of cups gradually, so that you won’t feel the negative effects of the addiction.

Muscle Breakdown:

The consumption of a large quantity of coffee within a comparatively shorter time span can lead to the muscle breakdown. Although the chances of such an impact are quite low it is definitely possible. The muscle fibers enter the bloodstream after breaking ultimately leading to the blockage of stream and kidney problems.

Increased Heart Rate:

Consuming caffeine in large quantities can lead to a higher heartbeat. The increase in the heartbeat can lead to heart attacks. It is not limited to the elderly individuals; rather the young consumers are more prone to this impact because the overall caffeine consumption from different sources is usually higher in the younger generation than the older ones.

The consumption of coffee can be beneficial for increasing productivity. However, if consumed in higher amount can lead to serious problems. So, make sure to have a check on caffeine consumption.