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Natural Ways To Prevent A Hangover

Millions of people who consume alcohol could benefit from a hangover cure. However, wouldn’t they be better off learning how to prevent it? Over and over, experts have talked about drinking in moderation. By this, they mean focusing on some rules when drinking. For instance, if you are a woman, you should not take over three standard beverages in one session. There is also another rule asking people to consume only one standard beverage every hour for easier processing. Rules like these are good, but some people won’t follow them. So what can prevent hangovers? 


Prevention is better than hangover cure

If you can prevent a problem, go ahead and do it. So, before you go to a local pub, do the following: 

  • Eat food to prevent having beer on an empty stomach - If you fail to eat, alcohol will enter your intestines and quickly get absorbed into the bloodstream. After that, you will feel drunk and have a headache and a series of bad symptoms the next day. In contrast, drinking when your belly is full allows your blood alcohol level to be lower. When it comes to food choices, eat red meat, shellfish, mushrooms, whole grains, and chicken. These types of foods contain nicotinic acid and zinc. In 2019, a study published in the Journal of clinical medicine found that zinc and nicotinic acid can minimise the severity. 
  • Do some cardio exercises– To prevent using a hangover cure, you should exercise. Indeed, exercising before going to the bar can help you relieve stress. After that, you can consume your beer or wine while feeling relaxed already. 
  • Change your company – Who you choose to take with you is a vital consideration. Do not go out with a group of rowdy friends who consume hard beverages as if there is no tomorrow. You can even do this alone alone. 


Things to avoid when drinking

Do you want to avoid feeling sickly after a night of alcohol? Make sure you do the following at the pub: 

  • Keep a non-alcoholic beverage near – If you cannot avoid consuming too much beer within an hour, buy a non-alcoholic As a determined person, you can try to alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Such a recovery drink can help you prevent consuming too much wine within an hour. Hence, your liver will have adequate time to process them. 
  • Count your bottles – When having beverages with a bunch of friends, it is hard to avoid getting drunk and suffering from it later. Since you want to steer clear of any hangover cure, count your drinks. Try to be attentive so you do not end up having six bottles per session.
  • Avoid shots by all means – If you are keeping away from hangovers, pick a beverage with lower alcohol by volume percentage. Sipping on shots is wrong, as it has higher amounts of alcohol and will produce terrible symptoms later on. Unless you have kept a hangover powder product at home, take beer or wine. 
  • Choose a sports drink – When you consume hard beverages, you lose a lot of nutrients. Some of these are fluids and electrolytes.To replenish your body, buy a recovery drink that sportspeople take. 
  • Quit smoking– According to research findings in the Journal of Studies, smoking frequency goes up when one gets drunk. So, it is wiser to stop smoking when taking beer. 



To avoid a hangover cure, consume only clear liquors such as vodka. It contains fewer congener levels. Still, take your vodka in moderation as too much of this can make you drunk and sick the following day.