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Natural Sources Of Electrolytes

In order for your body to function and work well, it needs electrolytes. They are essential in transmitting impulses and muscle contraction, they are electrically charged for these functions. The kidney is responsible for keeping these at the right level since the electrolytes will assist your body in maintaining fluid balance. Your body electrolytes are lost when you are sweating and so replenishment is needed after exercises and times of warm weather. Here are several natural sources


This is an essential mineral in the body for bone and teeth development, it is found in abundance in the body. Calcium will protect you from osteoporosis and plays a very essential role in your life; therefore you should work towards maintaining high calcium levels in your body. The food we eat should be well checked for such mineral. Calcium is found in foods like collard greens, yogurt, skim milk, black-eyed-peas as well as soy milk.


Calcium is an important mineral in the body, it regulates the electrical activity of your heart, maintain proper growth and break down carbohydrates. Therefore you should work towards maintaining and adding more potassium in your body for growth. The foods that will provide more potassium to your body include meat like fish, chicken and red meat. In parts of vegetables, there are foods like broccoli, squash, tomatoes, lima beans as well as peas. Fruits too contain potassium and they include; apricots, kiwi and citrus fruits. Consume the above foods and your body will break down carbohydrates for energy so fast.


Basically, each and every organ in your body will need magnesium to function well. Magnesium helps every organ and your body will be able to maintain the proper levels of calcium, zinc, copper, and vitamin Magnesium will help your body produce energy for your metabolism. The foods that contain magnesium are nuts, green vegetables, squash seeds, whole grains, and pumpkin as well as blackstrap molasses.


Phosphorous is for strong bones and teeth just like calcium. It is also a vital mineral in growth, repair, and maintenance of your body cells. Phosphorous will also assist your body produce energy from fats and the carbohydrates. Foods like fruits and vegetables have little phosphorous so it is good and crucial to take foods like meat and milk products.

Sodium and chloride

A small amount of sodium is good for your health but on the other hand, taking large amounts of sodium can cause adverse health effects to your body. Sodium is essential in regulating blood volume and blood pressure. The natural sources of sodium include milk, celery, beets, olives, and seaweed. However, there is sodium chloride mainly known as table salt which is a form of sodium.

Final Verdict

All the above electrolytes are important in the growth and development of the body. The above minerals make sure that you are healthy and have also shown the natural sources especially foods where they are easily and abundantly found.