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Importance of Staying Hydrated While Running

Whenever you decide to start running either short or long distances it is always important to stay amply hydrated. Failure to drink water adequately during this period may cause critical health problems. Your performance can as well be poor whenever your system is dehydrated. Marathon runners are highly advised to stay hydrated during all seasons but most importantly during the summer since the body creates a lot of heat and a lot of water is lost when sweating. It is also advisable to drink water throughout the week and avoid rushing during the last day before the marathon. There are rare cases when runners experience over hydrating. The runners experience symptoms similar to those of dehydration like headaches, nausea, and fatigue. To avoid over hydrating, runners are advised to avoid over drinking and add salts by consuming sports drinks containing electrolytes instead of pure water.


Staying hydrated both before and after running is very important, this ensures that the body stays in good and healthy condition. The body is supposed to transfer heat to stay in good condition. Failure to transfer heat causes an increase in heart rate which affects your body’s performance in a negative way. Therefore, make sure that your body is well prepared so that your body will perform well and remain healthy

Before the run

Ensure to kick of the process 30 minutes before running or one hour to one and a half hours if possible. It is advisable to avoid drinks containing dyes and other artificial ingredients but rather go for natural pre-workout energizers. You should avoid consuming any alcoholic drinks and high caffeine drinks during this period.

During the run

It is not advisable to drink water during this period because it increases the chances of cramping. Due to this reason, it is highly recommended to utilize the period before running by ensuring that the body is topped up with water. Runners should ensure that they start prepping their bodies prior to the running date. This will be important in providing a smooth running period to the runner, without health problems.

After the run

It is very essential to consider action after running in order to speed up recovery. Taking supplements after running ensures that the body fluids are back to normal. Go for drinks that are rich in natural sugars and minerals like potassium like coconut water. You can as well make a smoothie containing coconut water and bananas

Final Verdict

It is so essential that your body will be at optimal at times that you are running, this process starts even before you begin running. Start taking water as early even a few weeks before running. Water is so important in maintaining high hydration levels; however other fluids are also important in keeping everything balanced. People require hydration at different levels since some sweat more than others. Avoid taking too much water too where your body might have too many fluids, too much water will dilute the sodium levels in the blood hence affecting electrolytes so just drink only when you need to.