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How to Begin Marathon Training?

It’s a personal challenge having that unending desire. It might also be due to losing weight, getting healthier, creating awareness for charity, test limits or even having someone talk you into doing so. Whatever reason that is making you get into it, keep holding onto it for future months. Here are tips that will guide you on how to get started


You should have enough motivation so that you begin training for a marathon, to have and build mental stamina. This means that you should have that positive mindset that it will be easy. In many cases running a it is considered not to be easy but it is important and essential to staying motivated.


The goals for taking are different be it the finish time goals or weight loss goals you should feel motivated to do it. In many cases, competing to lose weight might not give you the best results. You will end up quitting due to lack of motivation. Therefore have the right reasons in order to be successful.

Right gear

The most essential piece of gear is running shoes. The shoes that you get should be able to fit you well. Purchase the shoe from a store that will fit you in a different arch.


Nutrition is an important thing when you want to take part in the marathon. Carbohydrates play a vital role in providing energy for your body. Almost 65 % of calories should come from carbohydrates and more the complex ones. There should also be some proteins and unsaturated fats that will keep you strong and will give you the energy to recover after the marathon.


In training recovering is vital. Make sure that you do not run daily; rest your body once in a while between the runs. This makes your body recover easily and can take the next run in a stronger way. In getting to recovery eating the right foods and observing nutrition play a vital role. Make sure that just like you take your running days serious you should also take recovery days serious in the same way.


When taking the run after an hour or so you should carry fluids and take it in intervals. Make sure you rehydrate and consume fluids both during pre-training and marathon training.

Avoiding injuries

Injuries will appear mostly while least expected, make sure that you use your days well, recover and rest in non-running days. .Do any work on the right things and you will have low chances of getting injuries.


To make your body get used to running, you should run for about 30 minutes without taking a break. Combine running with walks so that your body is at ease and hence reduce chances of any injury. During training make sure to increase your mileage week by week. Make your runs up to 20 miles and by the day it is here your body will be ready.