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How does staying hydrated reduce stress?

First of all, we should know what hydration is. Hydration means stabling of water in your body to maintain the liquid state of blood and other fluids in your body. The best way to exit dehydration is by drinking more water. However, there are some other eatable things which maintain the level of hydration in your body, including natural foods and vegetables, tea/coffee and many others. Hydration level depends upon your daily diet and workout.

Relation of hydration with stress

Hydration means water in our body and we all know that our body contains 70% of water. This means that the majority parts of our body depends upon water. We can know the relation of hydration with stress by knowing the fact that our brain is 85% of water. If that level goes down, the brain will become tired and weaker. Hydrated brain always works in its actual position and sense. It means that if we have to maintain the level of thinking, we need to drink water as much as we can absorb.

Reduction of stress with water

The lack of water in the brain is the most main cause of stress. The fact why our brain depends upon the water is that we have a hormone in our body known as cortisol. This hormone is a stress hormone. When dehydration takes place in our body even its little bit, it can increase the cortisol and this can lead to an increase in stress. By making your cortisol level stable, stress level will also decrease. All of our body organs, including our heart, our brain, and even our body move require water to function properly. Hydration is the most essential substance in sustaining and maintaining our body. Hydration taken through water also depends upon the condition of water. Like if the water is purified and at a good temperature, then it will be more beneficial in sustaining hydration level.

Water is as essential to our body as oil to machinery. When the oil is not enough, the machinery will not work properly and will create problems. The same fact acts in our body, if the water is not enough supplied to our body, our body will create a problem which is called stress. When the hydration level is down in your body, your heartbeat, brain, moves, liver and even lungs will be tired and you will feel stress. Water makes all these organs refreshed.  This fact tells that more water will help more in the reduction of stress. According to research, the best way to take water is to drink water every 15 minutes. This will update the need of some water to our body.

The affections of dehydration are increasing heartbeat, fatigue, headache, and nausea. So if you stay hydrated you can decrease the scale of mental responses you have to stress. Thus the water keeps you fresh and hydrated. So, remaining hydrated will never make you stressed and make your life happy and healthy.