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How does hydration help reduce recovery time?

If you are doing exercise on a daily basis then it is the best way to live longer and healthier. Some people prefer to walk for 30 minutes and some want to do strenuous exercises. If you run yourself on a treadmill, you might have tempted yourself with the energy drinks, milk shakes and sodas. But believe me water us the best thing to recover from heavy workout. You should drink plenty of water before and after the workout.


  • Reduces the soreness: Staying hydrated reduces the soreness. As drinking plenty of water flushes out the toxins and prevents dehydration. Toxins can make muscle soreness even more painful.
  • Hydration: During workout your body is put under stress many muscle tissues breakdown. During recovery the body repairs itself. The protein is synthesized. Therefore, muscles must be properly hydrated for protein formation. Lack of water causes the soreness which further causes pain and muscles will rebuild slowly. Hence, the recovery time will be increased.
  • Heart rate activity: Well, hydrated body has the ability to bounce back from the stress of workout. As dehydrated body contains lower volume of blood. The heart has to work harder to supply the blood all over the body. The heart gets tired and there will be less recovery occurred.
  • Digestion: After the workout, some food is necessary to be taken. After workout you need to refill your stomach but proper digestion is much important. Digestion requires enough water. Saliva, that is present in stomach is composed of water that helps you to digest the food. Re-hydrating after exercise helps the digestive process to work quickly.
  • Fatigue: As we know hydration causes fatigue. We feel fatigue because our heart has to work harder to pump the blood all over the body due to dehydration. When dehydration occurs the volume of the blood reduced. So we feel exhausted.
  • Dehydration reduces the recovery time: As we all know, hydrated body does more precipitation. If we do more exercise and have less water in the body then the chances of cramp increases, the recovery time increases. If the hydrated body does the workout, more precipitation occurs, chances of cramp decreases and the cooling effect increases which reduce the recovery time.


We should keep a water bottle with us all the time. If staying hydrated is difficult for you, I have some tips and tricks for you.


  • You should carry a BPA free bottle with you, instead of carrying a new water bottle each day. As it is difficult.
  • If you don't like the taste of plain water, add a little bit of mint and lemon slices in it.
  • To stop dehydration, drink water whenever you feel hungry. The real hunger will not satisfied by water.


In the end, I want to tell you that water is the best recovery product. It reduces the recovery time. It is the universal recovery product. It not only reduces the recovery time but also relaxes the person.