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History of Hangover Cures

In times of hangover, you will definitely associate it with drinking too much alcohol and waking up with a pounding headache and even uncomfortable stomach. You might be wondering where the alcohol came from and how people have developed a cure for over a long period of time. Here is a brief history

First fruits developed millions of years ago and since then living creatures having been getting drunk. The first natural alcohols were made from the fermentation of overripe fruits mixed with yeast and left in the air. People, therefore, began getting cures for millions of years ago. Ancient or historical treatments tend to be weird.

Ancient Rome

Just like in many other cultures the Romans avoided falling in to hangovers by doing various things like drinkers wearing garlands of violets or rather particular shrubs. If this failed they would consume wild boars, swine lights or offals, or even the beak of a swallow after it was well burned to ash.


Mesopotamia made a soup that was made of licorice, beans, and also toxic plants. This kind of drink was so sour and bitter and it was supposed to be forced down someone's throat before any activity the following day. This drink induced vomiting and so would easily deal with a hangover but could also kill you with the toxic.


In China taking a little nibble of the horse, the brain could be taken as the main remedy. This term in ancient China causes a little mistranslation which could also mean mineral agate and it’s confusing to know which was meant. The brain of the horse is not really known how it was supposedly or how it would be used. The method is really so ancient in China.


England had the weirdest myth about treatments. Some wines could heat up your body and sometimes might lead to illness, according to a physician washing one's testicles or breast in salt and vinegar could bring the answer. One could also eat leaf stalls or even juice of cabbage accompanied by sugar.


In Russia eating rotten pork was considered to help, the practice was horrible and was meant to punish rather than help. This method was mainly used for the habitual drunkards; mainly it was to keep Jews away from this behavior since taking pork was not permitted by the Jewish community. The method was to curb ones taste for alcohol and reduce their habitual drinking.

Final Verdict

 In many countries, the origin of the remedy has been traced years ago and has been shown differently in each and every country. Curing began many years ago and has since then been incorporated into the culture and some methods totally discarded after realizing they are either obscure or no longer working as hangover cures.