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Does hydration effect our mood?

The role of hydration supplements in maintaining cognitive function is only now being understood, even though it is well known that liquids are vital to human survival and homeostasis. We integrate new evidence regarding cognition and mood effects of dehydration and fluid consumption here. According to current research findings, water consumption or hydrating liquids are positively associated with cognitive abilities and mood states. Children and the elderly, who have poor fluid regulation, are most susceptible to the effects of dehydration on cognition and mood. 


Functional foods and nutraceuticals have been dubbed "foods that can help sustain good health" while protecting against illness, disease, and pathological aging. However, the water in the body constitutes 60 to 80 percent of the total weight. Thus, it is being overlooked as a crucial nutrient that can affect physical performance and mental performance. 


In the first systematic study of getting dehydrated and its impact on mental performance, military personnel were involved. Getting dehydrated was a symptom of extreme heat for the soldiers. To keep them hydrated, sachets or various supplements are provided. The assessment of cognitive abilities such as psychomotor performance sustained attention, and numerical ability was conducted to determine if changes in hydration status caused any deficits.


Hydration supplements have been proven to improve cognitive function, particularly if you improve your memory. If you do not drink enough water, you can experience problems with memory and focus. You will also feel anxious and have problems with your memory. Women and men who drank about 500 milliliters of water before and during meals had a 30 percent higher metabolic rate. Electrolyte powder packs provide a variety of ways to keep your body hydrated. 


Hydrated Supplements can help with Depression or Anxiety

When you feel anxious or depressed continuously without a plausible reason, you need to monitor your fluid levels. It is essential to analyze your state of mind when you opt for more liquids for days and what you experience during each part of the day. At this stage, you should hydrate your body with various supplements or electrolyte powder packs.


Irritability and Mood swings

Anxiety and depression do not always result from unbalanced hydration. But, in a hurry-up world like ours, it has an impact on overall calm and well-being. The irony is that we do not drink enough fluids due to our busy schedules, leading to getting dehydrated. But unfortunately, it also causes mood swings and irritability, which affects our mental health.


In addition, it is essential that you consume purified, safe, and healthy water or you can also use sachets. Zinc, calcium, and manganese, for example, are minerals that are required by the body in specific amounts for support of the internal organs, including the brain and overall health. Therefore, it is advisable to choose bottled drinking water with minerals or hydration supplements added in the right quantities if you are unsure about the mineral content of your drinking water.