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Coffee vs Rehydration Powder?

Ditch the Coffee - Switch to Hydration

For most of us, coffee has been a huge part of our daily routine. Most of us don’t only drink just one cup of coffee per day. Typically, an average person drinks at least 2 cups of coffee per day. We can’t blame ourselves because caffeine is a highly addictive substance that keeps us energized and mentally active throughout the day. Here, you’ll find out why it is in your best interest to switch to pure hydration and ditch the coffee.

Caffeine crashes are the worst.

Upon minutes to hours of coffee consumption, we instantly see and feel the results. This includes increased energy, ability to focus more, and less fatigue. However, when this wears out, we are left with the unfavorable side effects.


Side effects include jitteriness, palpitations, anxiety, headaches, and more.  Depending on the person, these effects will vary.

There is such a thing as caffeine tolerance.

Unfortunately, caffeine tolerance is a common occurrence. As you regularly drink caffeine, you develop tolerance. This means you begin to experience fewer effects of caffeine over time. What people tend to do is to increase their caffeine consumption more and more to achieve the same effects.


This is obviously not a sustainable habit to maintain. First of all, caffeine is a psychoactive substance. This means it targets receptors in the brain. Having too much of it and being dependent on it is not a good idea. Secondly, it has tons of side effects. One of the main issues with caffeine is its interference with sleep. Typically you are advised not to drink coffee at least seven hours before bed. However, in some cases, the caffeine effects last longer. Thus, leading to insomnia and poor sleep.

Why switch to rehydration?

When you rehydrate, you’re mainly just replacing any fluid loss you’ve had. You are not drinking any type of chemical or drug that potentially has bad side effects. You can either rehydrate with plain water or rehydration supplements. Both of which only include substances that are already in your system.


Oftentimes, we feel tired and fatigued because we are not properly hydrated. We feel lazy, and able to focus, and sleepless despite having slept for hours. Our first instinct would be to turn to caffeine. However, this only makes it worse as caffeine is a diuretic. A diuretic is a substance that makes your kidneys make more urine. Thus, it makes you lose more water than you should.


This will only give us a temporary solution. But if we tackle the problem with the root cause (dehydration), we might not even need to rely on caffeine in the future. You will be surprised by how energized and active you will feel if your body is properly hydrated.



People have been drinking coffee for centuries. There is nothing wrong with drinking coffee from time to time. However, we cannot deny that it being a drug, it will have some side effects. That’s why hydration is a more sustainable and simpler alternative.