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Am I Dehydrated – How To Tell If You Are Dehydrated?

In this busy world where none of our works ever end, we often ask ourselves- Am I dehydrated? With so much awareness about dehydration and how to hydrate yourself, it is wise to keep track of your body fluid levels. Too little water can make you feel fatigued whereas drinking too much will make you bloated and lower your blood glucose concentrations. So how do you know if you’ve had the correct amount of liquid? To answer your question, we have to explore the top symptoms that you face when you are suffering from water loss. Let’s get started!

Feeling of thirst

It is self-explanatory that feeling dry and having parched areas across your lips hint at dehydration. You often have the urge to drink more liquid, and that is because your body sends signals to do so. Sometimes you might have a mild thirst and gargling some water will help treat it. Some foods such as salted crackers or anything with a handful of sodium chloride contribute to triggering that feeling of thirst. Sugar-rich drinks such as soda and cola too can make you want to chug some water! So the next time you ask am I dehydrated, take some time to recall what you had for meals the whole day.

Excreting dark-colored urine

Your urine mostly contains water. When you cannot produce enough urine, as a result of lacking enough fluids, your urine turns deep yellow. The volume of urine produced is also less compared to an average human in normal conditions. This is not a good sign as, without enough fluid to excrete, a lot of toxins can build up in your system which can result in fatal complications. Your pee might smell extremely pungent and unpleasant if you do not continue to drink proper amounts of liquid and you might experience burning sensations during excretion. 

Experiencing exhaustion, wondering if ‘am I dehydrated?’

Feeling dizzy and confused is one of the main symptoms of dehydration. This happens as your muscles do not get enough energy in a short period of time. You can also suffer from a dry mouth and parched eyesores with lips having peeled off skin. The drowsiness is also caused due to a lack of water so your metabolic reactions have been slowed down.

Diabetic patients are more likely to get thirsty than a healthy person as sugar concentrations vary by the volume of liquids present inside the organs. If you’re unwell and have diarrhea or are vomiting continuously, then these also cause dehydration. Most alcohols found nowadays have congeners and other chemicals that cause fluid to get out of the body. Too much drinking can cause hangovers which again has symptoms similar to that of dehydration. So if you’ve had a heavy night and are asking yourself ‘am I dehydrated?’ Well, you sure are!

Hot climates result in higher rates of water loss from living organisms. These situations cause excessive sweating and if you’re not drinking enough, you are likely to get a heat stroke. Diuretics, a form of medicine that makes you urinate more often can also be considered a factor of dehydration.

We hope this article has helped you answer your ‘am I dehydrated’ question.

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