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5 Best ways to stay hydrated

Hydration plays a crucial role in maintaining human health. They say drinking eight glasses of water is good enough, however, your intake depends on a lot of factors. If you reside in a hot climate, you might have to drink more then if you lived in a cooler region. Your intensity of daily activities also has importance; if you are an athlete, your intake will be higher than someone who works in an office. Furthermore, older people tend to require more water due to their slow metabolism rates. Nonetheless, the main thing is that proper hydration is the key to optimising performance.


Some of these troubles caused by dehydration include fatigue, kidney damage, or low metabolism rates. The nervous system may be affected as well, causing headaches and other muscle pains. The speed at which energy is supplied decreases, and mood health lowers down as well. 


To prevent all these problems, we suggest drinking water, ideally between 8 – 10 glasses per day.


  1. Add flavor. Whether it be flavored powders or smoothies, adding a taste to water sure makes it better. Naturally flavored drinks such as fruit juices are also a great way to keep you hydrated. If you are a sports person, try those sports energy drinks; they will work too!


  1. Introduce hydrating foods to your diet. Fruits and vegetables are always good for health. Not only do they have plenty of H2O, but they also include nutrients that are essential to health. Some cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelons, are all great examples of such foods.. You can try Oatmeal breakfasts with cold milk to keep you cool and hydrated. Additionally, milk has vital minerals and nutrients that are useful to the body. 


  1. Stay indoors during noon. At this time of the day, the sun gives out intense rays that heat our bodies. Staying in air-conditioned areas will keep your body cool, you will sweat less and stay hydrated for longer!


  1. Wear summer-friendly clothes. Covering yourselves with thick garments will make you sweat profusely, so to stop that from happening, we suggest wearing light-colored and loose dresses. Wear hats or caps while moving outdoors to make sure the sun rays don’t hit your skin directly.


  1. Take electrolytes. Taking electrolytes nowadays seems to be a popular trend. Fortunately, these have proved to be useful in making our bodies efficient while absorbing more water into our blood. Electrolytes come in many forms such as electrolytes powders, drinks or pills/ tablets.  They come in different flavors too!


Having a bottle close to you while working or studying helps as well. If you think you’re unmindful or tend to forget to keep sipping, use apps that remind you to do so. Taking two glasses early in the morning and once before bed is recommended, along with drinking between meals.