10 best ways to cure and prevent a hangover

Are you in the habit of drinking alcohol and you suffer regularly from hangovers? Perhaps, you only engage in alcohol consumption once in a while, making you suffer even worse, since your body is not as used to the process of reduction of alcohol from the blood compared to regular drinkers. Here are ten tips that you can follow to help you prevent and cure!

  1. Drink a little alcohol when you are trying to recover

This is popularly referred and related to using the dog’s hair that bit you to cure the bite. They are mostly caused by the fact that the alcohol is leaving your blood and the resulting drop in blood alcohol level is causing the hangover effects. By introducing more alcohol to the blood, it is expected that the effects will reduce. However, the alcohol you just took will still have to leave too, thereby there is a high chance you will prolong the length. If you must follow this tip, it is important to take just a little quantity, especially when you have your daily activities to attend to. This is to avoid a case of getting drunk all over again and getting a new one.

  1. Treat Nausea

If you are experiencing nausea as a result, then you could attempt to get it treated. Popular suggestions include taking pickle juice, a warm ginger tea cup.

  1. Take a bath

Taking a bath, especially after sleeping will wake your senses up and freshen you. Gently switching from hot bath to cold bath could be good idea.

  1. Try not to take pain killers

The headaches and muscle pains could have you requesting for a pain killer. However, the side effects of most pain killers worsens when you take them before the alcohol level in your blood is down to zero. You might feel immediate relief, but your health could suffer for it in the long run, especially if you use them frequently.

  1. Exercising

Doing some exercises, which could just be a short walk, can help to quicken the awakening of your senses and reducing the time you would need to stop feeling the symptoms of the hangover. If you are too weak for even a walk, just taking a light breeze and the sunshine outdoors could do you a lot of good.

  1. Eat

Taking some food, even if it is a little piece of bread, banana or any food you can comfortably eat can also improve how quickly you recover. Protein and mineral rich foods are recommended.

  1. Vitamins

Vitamins are also recommended. A dose of multivitamin, a cup of orange juice and fruits could help you get relief  more quickly.

  1. Stay Away from Caffeine

It is not the right time to opt for a caffeinated drink such as coffee and energy drinks. This could increase your headache as they tend to dehydrate you.

  1. Drink Juice or Water

When you wake up, you might want to take a cup of water or juice. This rehydrates you, thereby contributing to reduction in the severity of your headaches and muscle pains.

  1. Try to sleep

If you have the time and you can, it might be best to get some sleep. While sleeping, you will feel less of the symptoms. You might be lucky to wake up after all the effects of the has worn off if you sleep long enough.