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10 best ways to cure and prevent a hangover

Are you in the habit of drinking alcohol and you suffer regularly from hangovers? Perhaps, you only engage in alcohol consumption once in a while, making your hangovers even worse...Well here are ten tips that you can follow to help you prevent and cure!

  1. Drink a little less

Yes it really is that simple, the less you take on the less your body will have to process and the better you will feel the next day. If you are still hungover the recovery time is likely to be significantly reduced. 

  1. Avoid dark drinks 

Many studies have found that hangovers after drinking dark alcohol such as red wines and whiskey are more sever then the equivalent units consumed from light alcohol such as white win or vodka. 

     3. Eat well prior to drinking

Food, especially high carbs such as cereals and breads will help to "soak up" a lot of the alcohol and have been proven to reduce the severity of a hangover. They also help to keep blood sugar up, and low blood sugar has been linked to bad hangovers.

  1. Sleep

Get plenty of sleep, whilst you are sleeping you body is working hard to break down all the bad stuff, so the longer you are asleep the clearer you should wake up

      6. Eat greasy foods

The greasy foods, such as a fry up, contain amino acids and fats that help the body break down alcohol, although no actual research has been carried out many people use this method.  

  1. Vitamins

Vitamins are also recommended, the break down of alcohol is a vitamin intensive process and as these are used up certain symptoms may become more prevalent so keeping their levels tops up is certainly advisable 

  1. Stay Away from Caffeine

It is not the right time to opt for a caffeinated drink such as coffee and energy drinks. This could increase your headache as they tend to dehydrate you.

  1. Stay Hydrated 

A hangover is essentially caused by diuretic effect alcohol has on the body. In plain English it dehydrates you, the more hydrated you are the less hungover you are likely to be

  1. Use Revival

Revival is a blend of premium electrolytes and vitamins designed to provide superior hydration, boost vitamins levels and provide a natural hit of energy 

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