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10 best parties in the world

Want to know about some of the best ? Yeah, we know that the upcoming holiday might tempt you to go for enjoyment. If you want to know the top 10 festivals of the world, here we have mentioned them along with a brief introduction about each one of them.

Rio Carnival:

Rio de Janeiro is the location where Rio Carnival is held. This is a samba-dancing event with unique costumes that can brighten up your entire holidays. It lasts for 10 days, and around 2 million people visit it daily.

Notting Hill Carnival:

It is a London based event for the celebration of Caribbean traditions and values. Live music including steel bands and soca floats are the major attractions there. One million people visit this event, making it the largest street festivals in the world.

Carnival of Venice:

This one is from Italy. The major attractions of this event are the Venetian carnival costumes. The masks get a famous role in this event. A few events in the two-week binge are fee whereas the others are paid.

Just for Laughs:

As the name suggests, this event is for fun and comedy. A number of standup comedians act on the live stage. Additionally, themed programs and comedy galas make up this event in Canada. 2 million spectators become part of this event annually.

Haro Vine Spain:

The participants of the event dress up in white color shirts and red scarves along with their weapon usually water guns filled with wine. At the end of this fun, traditional dances end up the festivity.

Krampus Night:

One of the themed-based events is Krampus Night. It is celebrated in a number of European countries. Krampus signifies the figure that is responsible for punishing children who misbehave in Christmas season. The costume of Krampus is specially made to get the feel of the event; rather this is what the event is based on.

La Tomatina:

It is Spanish event where the people throw tomatoes on each other for entertainment purposes. It is a lot of fun in getting red with tomatoes all over you and the entire place. 30th August is the date of this event. If you want to have a visit, make sure you reach Spain before time.

Loi Krathong:

The South Western Thai celebrates this tradition of thanking their god of water for the rice harvest and apologizing for polluting the water. Lotus-shaped boats are released in the water for this purpose.

Dia De Los Muertos:

It is known as the day of the dead. It is celebrated on November 1st where the people honor their dead relatives by doing the stuff that they enjoyed doing while alive. Moreover, they bring gifts to the graves, making the entire event full of presents and decorations on the graves.

Harbin International Ice & Snow Sculpture:

You can find the largest ice sculptures in this festival, providing you with the beautiful sights. You can find the lights illuminating these sculptures for giving a special look. Even building is also created as part of this event. So, you can have all the ice fun by visiting China.


All in all a lot of alcohol drinking and a lot of sore heads! (hangovers) Who wouldn’t pack Revival Shots!!...