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What is the best hydration powder?


There is a glut of hydration powders, rehydration supplements and electrolyte drinks in the market. As a consumer, it is of course your right to make the final purchase decision, but you could feel puzzled and confused due to such a wide range of products in the market…

You should therefore feel very lucky that you searches have brought you to Revival

A breath of fresh air in this very crowded market, even if we do say so ourselves. Still not convinced? Let us share why we are recommending our product to you and how it can help with your hydration goals

The origin of Revival:

Revival rehydration did not happen out of the blue. A lot of research went its way before its makers gave the product the go-ahead. A team of renowned scientists, nutritionists, and fitness experts worked together to create the perfect formula for your wellbeing and overall goodness. To gain global acceptance, the standards and guidelines set by World Health Organization (WHO) also came into play. After sheer hard work, the team approved of this formula and can proudly claim it to be of the highest possible quality product across application, presentation and delivery!

Composition of our rehydration powder:

We all want certain minerals in our diet daily. These include sodium, potassium phosphate, magnesium, vitamins, etc. Doctors and nutritionists have prescribed their daily intake for everyone. It varies from person to person depending on their age, gender, physical condition, lifestyle, weather, etc. Revival rehydration contains all these elements in the optimum quantity that a healthy human needs under normal circumstances. It is an organic, vegan, GMO-free product with 5 essential vitamins! Due to these qualities, Everyday Health awarded it the best hydration powder in 2021.

How it works, and who should use it?

It works by enhancing your performance and accelerating your recovery. Tecnically by allowing your body to absorb more water and nutrients into your blood stream. Anyone willing to give themselves a boost of energy and feel better can have a go at it. People who are into exercise, fitness, sports can get a real advantage from it. People who sweat a lot during summers, who have a very hectic lifestyle, or those who are negligent towards their diet can also benefit from it. Remember, it is a supplement you can add to your daily diet to augment your healthy food intake. It will benefit all and sundry and have no known side effects.

How to use it?

It comes in the form of sachets packed in the shape of a stick…stick pack hydration! One stick is good enough to make a glass of this drink. Just pour it in the water, mix it, and drink. That is all you have to do to start taking its advantage. It easily fits in your bag, pocket, or anywhere else. You can carry it while traveling and don’t remain deprived of all the essential minerals that you want. It is available in different mouth-watering flavors of orange, lemon, raspberry & strawberry to entice your taste buds. 

We hope you will use it and find it to be an excellent and beneficial product, which of course it truly is.