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What do sports drinks really do?

Athletes have different diet requirements and they need ample rehydration drinks such as sports drinks to keep themselves hydrated and strong. Spending hours in practice and exercising and running under bright sunshine can be physically tiring. With never-ending hours spent under bright sunlight, an athlete would need an invigorating drink. As per research, sports drinks have the power to enhance their performance. Hold that thought! Athletes should use these properly to reap the benefits.

The question is – What does it do?

Here’s an article that sheds light on the benefits. Does it help in enhancing the overall performance or boosting energy? You will find that out through this article.

When to use it?

They can enhance the performance of an athlete but it is advisable to drink it only during high-intensity exercises. The sodium in these can increase thirst and reduce urine loss.

Is it better than water?

Water is an excellent source to hydrate. People should be drinking at least 8 to 12 glasses of plain water every day, but please note that an athlete has different bodily needs.

It is packed with nutrients and can boost your energy level like no other. Let’s take the instance of an athlete indulging in high-intensity workouts for 45-50 minutes. These supplements will replenish his/her body’s electrolytes. Plain water can’t do that! But this does not mean you shouldn’t be drinking water. Of course, it is the first choice of beverage and should be taken as many times in a day.

Why are these beneficial after exercising?

We lose electrolytes during high-intensity workouts. When you are working out in extreme heat, you lose a lot of electrolytes.

To restore the lost electrolytes, these are beneficial. 

Can you take alcohol instead of a sports drink?

Alcohol is a big NO when it comes to rehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic; thus, it will dehydrate and give you a bad hangover.

Alcohol can slow down reaction time and also impair accuracy, precision, balance, judgment, focus, and stamina. If you are drinking alcohol (as an athlete), it will delay muscle repair and cause a range of health problems.

So, the best way to rehydrate your body is to take hydration supplements.


Combating Dehydration with These Drinks

Sports drinks are designed in such a manner that they can combat dehydration.

When you sweat during a high-intensity workout, the sweating pulls water from muscle tissue and skin. The body also gets overheated due to extreme heat and dehydration.

This has a good source of fructose, glucose, and sucrose. All these simple sugars are present in this. They provide energy to a working muscle and thus increase productivity.

These sports drinks also have sodium, chloride, and potassium which are known as ‘electrolytes.’ A good level of electrolytes in the human body is important for various vital functions such as nerve impulses transmission, muscle fiber contraction, and fluid level maintenance in cells.

So, go ahead and get yourself rehydration drinks to reap the benefits!