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The importance of staying hydrated

Rehydration drinks are a great way to start your day with nutrition and proper nourishment. These drinks not only keep you energetic throughout your school, or work-life but help your body function properly in the long run. Now, the question arises, what do we mean by rehydration beverages and how exactly do these support our living cells? In this article, we will discuss just that and explain how these rehydrating beverages benefit your body and why it is a must to consume them in a proper fashion. Let’s get started!

What do we mean by rehydration drinks?

Just as the name suggests, these beverages are there to replenish the large volumes of water your body loses throughout the day. Yes, these rehydrate you to prevent dehydration symptoms such as tiredness, extreme exhaustion, and feeling dizzy or confused. If dehydration is not treated or responded to correctly, severe symptoms such as brain malfunction and dry organs can be caused.

Back to rehydrating beverages, these help your body manage your body's liquid levels efficiently and effectively. These contain vital minerals, also known as electrolytes which play a huge role in retaking sufficient amounts of liquid. Electrolytes however need to be taken in correct portions as too much can lead to osmotic disturbance and fluctuations in body glucose level.

At Revival Shots, all our rehydrating drinks are prepared using the finest electrolytes that have been extracted from natural elements that have no artificial flavour or colouring. They, however, are a great delight to your tastebuds and have everything you or anyone else needs to stay healthy. Our rich all-natural flavours can enlighten your mood too!

What benefits will these rehydration drinks give you?

Often, people believe that drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated but the thing is that no matter how much you drink, your organs will only take certain amounts and let the rest of it out through excretion. What controls these mechanisms is the electrolytes that we’ve talked about earlier. Yes, these minerals have a huge contribution in giving your body the chance to absorb liquids at proper levels.

These minerals include sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and many more that are needed in traceable amounts in our bodies. In some cases, such as in hot weather, we need to drink more to replenish the water lost through sweat. A rehydration drink at this time will be the best beverage to opt for as not only will you be rehydrated, you get to taste the summer flavours as well!

These beverages are available in drinking bottles all over our Revival Shots stores but if you are willing to get something more portable for you to carry in your bag on your way to the beach or gym, feel free to ask for your powder packets and sachets. We even provide other products such as hydration supplements and electrolyte powders which you might be interested in.

So what are you waiting for? Get your rehydration drinks today from our online store!