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The Global Re-hydration Supplements Market

The global re-hydration market can be divided into a number of categories based on the functioning. Usually, the supplements help in getting the electrolyte level back. The loss of these electrolytes could be because of various reasons, and this is why the division is the available products are based on the need for replenishment. Additionally, further division in the oral category is possible based on the form available. These forms will be discussed at the end of the article. Let us have a look at them.

Diseases related to loss of electrolytes:

In situations, where the body salts leave the body because of some disease such as diarrhea, the rehydration supplement consists of some salts mixed with clean water. These products are also known as the ORS (Oral Rehydration Supplements). The purpose of using them is to ensure that the loss of minerals and salts because of vomiting or loose stool can be compensated and no problems results.

These drugs are usually for the young children and are supported to be distributed WHO especially in the countries where the availability of safe water and proper measures of getting treatment are not available. The doctors, parents or guardians of the children need to mix the powder in water and provide this mixture to the suffering children in order to make them better.

Fatigue Relieving:

The other category of is known as fatigue relieving. By taking these, the main thing you are managing is the recovery of the electrolytes in the body. But in this situation, the symptoms are shown in terms of headache and fatigue. Moreover, heat stress and muscle cramps can also be treated if such re-hydration supplements are taken by individuals. Private companies manufacture these capsules and make them available in the market.

Exercise relevant:

While exercising, your body loses salts because of sweating. If you want these salts to recover quickly, you can take those which have been specially created. Taking a single or in some cases, 2 or 3 tablets daily can be the dosage that you can consider. However, you must ensure that you lose such a high level of salts daily in order to be compensated this much. Otherwise, such high dosages might lead to the hyper electrolyte, which can be dangerous as well.

Private label brands and some of the leading pharmaceutical companies provide you the facility of getting these oral capsules.

Forms of Oral Category

In the oral category, there are different forms available. These include the powdered ones, which are mixed in the water later to help the patients recovering their salt balance. The second form is the capsule. If you are suffering from salt imbalance, you might want to go for such capsules. Additionally, mineral water also contains the necessary minerals but they are present in minor quantity, and they are helpful in the routine conditions. Another form of the oral rehydrates is also available, and it is in the form of syrup.