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Revival awarded best hydration powder provider by Everyday Health

We are thrilled to announce that has recently been awarded best hydration powder!! But why exactly are we the best hydration powder provider? And what sets us right from all our competitors? In this article, we will discuss these questions so if you’re interested in how we got successful, keep reading to know the story!

Why is Revival Shots the best hydration powder provider?

All our products are of high quality as whenever we do something, we think about the health of our end consumers. Below, we have listed some specialties of our drinks that brought us so far:

1.     We support wellness

Nothing in the world is as important as a person’s health. As a result, all the chemicals and electrolyte sources that we use are of high-quality and purity so that no contamination can harm the makeup of our products. Our researchers experiment with each and everything to be sure that the concentrations of electrolytes are proper and the powdered mixture is easily miscible. Apart from that, any flavorings we add are completely safe as they’ve been tested various times.

2.     These beverages accelerate recovery

We’ve talked about hangovers and dehydration before. Hangovers happen as a result of heavy drinking where alcohol contributes hugely to dehydration. Symptoms such as tiredness, exhaustion, muscle cramps are common. Revival shots, as our name suggests, revives you from these unpleasant symptoms and help in your recovery so that it can be done within hours or less. If you have a muscle ache after strenuous exercise, these shots are great for recovery so you can be back in the field in no time!

3.     These drinks made from the best hydration powder boosts performance

During exercise, it is difficult to get that extra push to run another mile or two. With us, however, that is never the case as our drinks contain sugars to a certain extent that can help you get energised in no time. Our electrolytes are a great addition that makeup most you’re your body's functionalities. With Revival, you will no longer be thirsty, tired, or drowsy.

4.     Optimise body efficiency

With age, you will often find your metabolism rates decreasing. With Revival, however, that too will never be the case as our selected electrolytes and nutrients make your body efficient in absorbing water and other required fluids. These also support smooth breathing and respiration process.  

5.     It promotes focus

Our brain functions are constantly distracted by certain things such as social media platforms. Revival has smoothing and calming essences that keep your mind in a peaceful manner. As a result, you will now no longer have to worry about stress, and instead, you can focus properly.

So what are you waiting for? Get the best hydration powder from us today! We swear you won’t be disappointed with the results of our best hydration powder!