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Oral Rehydration Solution: Why Water Alone Isn’t Enough To Stay Hydrated

While water plays a vital role in maintaining body fluids, oral rehydration solution (ORS) is more effective after dehydration. You need more than this plain liquid to maintain a proper hydration level all the time. There’s also a precise electrolyte amount, such as calcium and sodium, required to keep a balance. These mineral salts aren’t readily available in nature’s liquid.

Everything that makes up the body, from blood, tissues, and skin, relies on mineral salts and fluids to work harmoniously. These salts play a vital role in sending neurotransmitter signals, streamlining blood circulation, supporting the immune system, and aiding water retention.

Why Oral Rehydration Solution Beats Water in Hydration

ORS is essential in treating dehydration, majorly caused by diarrhoea or vomiting, and works well in averting all other types of fluid loss. Unlike the Adam’s ale, oral rehydration solutions contain the proper ratio of ingredients needed to recover from desiccation.

In fact, one crucial salt, sodium, plays a vital role in maintaining hydration because its part of the body’s sodium-glucose co-transport system, which is necessary for the quick absorption of electrolytes. The glucose aids the movement of liquids, sodium, and other minerals through the cell membranes.

Once inside the cells, sodium helps the body retain liquids and triggers thirst when dehydration occurs. Drinking H2O will only increase your body fluids but won’t address the electrolyte ratio.  Therefore, instead of taking water when dehydrated, reach out for an ORS.

What’s The Best Time To Take Electrolyte Drinks?

While you have a thousand reasons to keep yourself hydrated, sticking to a strict schedule of drinking electrolyte solutions can be challenging. However, you can try your level best to refill mineral salts and fluids at certain times when the body needs them most.

Drink ORS Before Sleeping

When you go to sleep, the body actively parches, the reason why you’ll wake up from time to time to drink water. Frequently waking up can disrupt your sleep pattern, which is why it’s crucial to take oral rehydration solution before bed.

Try to take it at least an hour before going to bed to reduce sleep disruptions at night. Also, after a night out of taking alcohol, ensure you don’t miss an electrolyte drink to reduce the severity of hangovers when you wake up. Alcohol is a culprit of dehydration and can make you lose your cool the morning after.

Rehydrate When You Wake Up

Before jumping onto a task in the morning, rehydrate yourself. Dehydration occurs naturally when asleep; hence it’s crucial to begin your day by topping up the lost minerals and fluids. Try to swap your favourite cup of coffee with an ORS to keep yourself hydrated.

All-day rehydration

Taking an oral rehydration solution in the morning and before bed isn’t enough to always stay hydrated. You need a plan for whole hydration. Before leaving the house, pack some sachets of ORS powder or carry a ready-to-drink solution to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day.