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Isotonic Drinks vs Electrolyte Sachets

If you’re an athlete or a ‘sport-o-holic’, you must have some electrolyte sachets stored in your cupboard. In recent days, there has been so much debate about which type of sports beverages are the most efficient that even experts are having a tough time deciding between these. Among all, two of the most popular are isotonic and electrolyte drinks. But how do you know which one is the best? And which one will help you the most during exercise? Let’s find out!


What are Isotonic Drinks?


To begin with, isotonic drinks, like most other beverages, contain water. The thing that separates them the most from the different types is their amount of minerals and nutrients. Yes, the isotonic ones contain roughly the same sodium and glucose concentrations as an average human body. They are mainly manufactured to replenish the water lost through sweat or urine during exercise and contain sugars to some extent, as glucose gives athletes energy while making their bodies thirsty for hydration. This, therefore, makes you want to intake more and more water, which is good!


Additionally, these beverages ensure quick and efficient digestion, and for their similarity in concentrations of the body, there are easy to intake. Some include antioxidants as well to prevent toxic wastes from building up in organs. Overall, isotonic beverages are made to be taken during the exercise to provide you the required amount of energy without delay.


What are electrolyte sachets-based drinks?


Mineral-based fluids generally come in electrolyte sachets that contain sufficient hydration salts. These electrolyte sachets are easy to carry and can make a glass in less than a minute. Back to mineral drinks, these mostly contain charged particles that improve water absorption efficiency. Sodium triggers thirst, while potassium helps in hot weather or when you are in a heated condition. Magnesium is useful to reduce tiredness. This kind of beverage also includes sugars and proteins in small amounts to help you with your exercise!


The winner?


When it comes to deciding which drink is the best for exercise, we prefer the electrolyte sachets ones as they contain the most essential minerals and water that gives you a proper boost. Isotonic ones are preferred after you exercise to balance your blood concentrations while keeping you well-hydrated. The similarities between these two kinds are more than their differences, so anything you choose is sure to support you. Do try to take ones with less sugar though, as too much of it will increase your blood sugar levels which can then cause symptoms of diabetes, I.e., hypertension.




Both of the aforementioned sports beverages are essential to our bodies. Still, they shouldn’t be an alternative to a healthy diet that consists of fresh vegetables and fruits, correct portions of carbohydrates and protein, and of course, fibre and water. Vitamins can be found in some sports beverages,  though they are quite rare, so you should always eat fruits as these are necessary for muscle build-up and development!


We hope this article has shown you a way to a healthier and better lifestyle. Best of luck with your exercise!