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Is it possible to get dehydrated in cold weather?

The answer to this question in one word is yes, and hydration supplements are as beneficial to you in the cold as in the summer season. Let us explore this topic in a bit of detail and find out how you can help yourself avoid dehydration when the climate is cool.

Reasons for dehydration in cold weather Several reasons contribute to dehydration in cooler climes; some of them are;

Dryness in the air: We tend to turn on our heaters to stay warm during cold months. The hot air sucks the moisture into the atmosphere and causes dryness. It is so unlike hot months when you are sweating and feeling sticky. This dryness can make us lose our liquids and feel dehydrated.

Layering up: To protect ourselves from the cold, we put on more and more clothes, especially when going out for exercise or other physical activities. So, when we sweat, we don’t feel it running on our bodies because of the extra layers of clothing. It makes us exposed to the risk of dehydration.

Drinking less water: As we feel less thirsty in a chilly climate, we drink less water, and as a consequence, our fluid levels drop in the body—the blood vessels contract to stop the blood from free-flowing and conserve energy keep the body warm. We should continue to consume liquids and possibly hydration supplements in cool weather too.

Heavy breathing: During frosty times, you can see your breath while breathing. It is water vapours that you lose with each gush of heavy breath. People with respiratory issues and healthy people to breathe heavily during winters and tend to lose hydration in their bodies.

Excessive urination: Frequent trips to washrooms is common during cool months. We perspire less, so kidneys work more to pump out unwanted fluids. Also, blood rushes to organs with higher frequency, causing us to pee more and lose hydration.

How to prevent dehydration during cold times? Staying hydrated is more important in winters as we do not get the tell-tale signs of excessive sweating in summers.

We can be dehydrated without knowing it. Here is how we can prevent dehydration in winters.

Drink more water: Do not forget that water is your all-weather friend. Some 55-78% of our bodies make up of it, so its optimum intake is vital for us in every condition.

Hydration supplements: They provide you with all the essential minerals that you need to perform at your best. They are easy to prepare, and one can have them on the go as well.

So, if you already have them in summers, keep guzzling them in winters too. Eat more fruits and vegetables: Eating more fruits and vegetables will keep your fluid level in check during chilly months. Citrus and juicy fruits, leafy vegetables, and food with high water content must be on your menu always.

Conclusion: So, this was our small guide on how to stay hydrated during a cool climate. We hope it will help you to stay hydrated and healthy.